It is not harder to get into veterinarian school. Overall, about 43% of applicants get in somewhere. Being a vet requires PURE dedication, even when money and your own sanity are not abundant. 1. Science majors generally take most or all of the prerequisite courses as a part of their program. Also, the University’s Vet school is currently considered the best in the world according to the QS World University ranking system. Veterinary medicine is an extremely popular career choice in the animal industry, even though it requires a challenging, demanding education. Medicals schools have a reputation for being highly selective; after all, the people attending will one day be responsible for the health of the nation. If you're thinking about an easy way to become a vet, then it's not the profession for you. In the US it's about as hard as med school, mainly because there are so few vet schools. A few veterinary schools hover right around the 50% mark while some schools take more than 80% of its accepted applicants from within its own state. If you are considering attending veterinary school, it's important to know the many factors that could affect your decision. For Ross, it's "easier" to get in, but they weed out people very rigorously. Most schools have similar requirements, but you don't want to be turned away on a technicality. Oklahoma State is one of the lowest-ranked vet schools in the US (25 out of 28). The University is a public research institution with a history of excellent academic excellence. Per the American Assiciation of Veterinary Medical Colleges, the acceptance rate us about the same. The University of California, Davis is part of the UC system. I highly urge you to consider thoroughly. But is certainly speaks to the idea that vet school is not harder to get into than medical school, just different. no easy vet school, honey. There seems to be an advantage when applying to a veterinary college in the same state in which the applicant resides. Veterinary study is very expensive. Thank you for the A2A. Source- I'm a vet. I believe there are several reasons why they set the bar so high for entry to study veterinary medicine in most countries. No, I think that it speaks to the comprable level of academic acheivement required for both. Certain schools, however, seem next to impossible to get into. Your best chance is a public university in the state you live in, if the state you live in actually has a vet school. There are about 170 meducal schools in the U.S. (As an aside, I would never have made it into vet school as all my experience was in human med clinics. You don't have to be a pre-vet major to get into vet school, but a majority of applicants have a major in a science related field. It can be difficult to get accepted to vet school, but it can be well worth the effort in the long term. Cost. There are 30 veterinarian schools.