RAV Vast Zungen sind leicht anzuspielen und der Einstieg dauert nur wenige Minuten. Die folgenden Skalen entstanden im PAN LAB 2016-2020. Tongue drums have “keys” cut out of the steel shell. Introspective yet expressive, thanks to its versatile scale, it immediately connects with the deepest emotional chords. The interval between the last two notes, respectively the second degree and the perfect fifth, gives the scale an airy feeling that reminds of the flight of a bird. handpan B&B, scale C-Moll Pentatonic in blue steel: Produkte: Blue steel Handpan: Artikelcode: 109: Material: High quality blue steel: Number notes: 9: Notes: C-G-G#-C-D-D#-G-G#-C: Tuning: C-Moll Pentatonic: Diameter: 54 cm: Height: 22 cm: Weight: 4,2 kg € 1850,00: Aantal: Handcrafted masterpiece made of blue steel . A joyful and uplifting scale based on the tonality of E MAJOR. Introspective and relaxing, but as soon as the ding sounds it shows all its major shades. 2 RAV2 Tongue Handpan (RAV Universal Scale) – Heavenly Hang/Tongue Hybrid. Helping you pick a more favorable color, after all, you are going to be looking at the pan for long duration. SCALE: D Minor. Warum HandPanShop.de? Portfolio (2016-2020) Schreibweisen auf Korrektheit überprüft & bestätigt vom PLV-Skalenmagistrat. Handpans are best played with the hands and steel drums are usually played with beaters while both are often tuned to a certain key, making them highly intuitive instruments to play and therefore easy for anyone to pick up, whether they have any musical knowledge or not. The product might not be as long lasting as other handpans. RAV Vast. Pantheon Steel Halo Genesis Blues (C) F Ab Bb B C Eb F . However, as long as you take care of it, and don't hit it too hard, it will easily survive for many years. When played independently this scale has the flavour of a minor one. What I mean is: The tuning of this handpan might not last for as long as professional handpans. Alle Töne einer Stimmung sind so gewählt, dass es unmöglich ist, einen Fehler zu machen. BEllArt BElls Blues (D) A C D D# E G A. Alles unter einem Dach. Wir haben neun verschiedene Stimmungen (Scales) bzw. PANart Hang Blues (1st gen 2004) (G) C Eb F F# G Bb C Eb . These are usually struck with mallets and ring to single, true tones. Available in … Handpans & Steel Tongue Drums bei Europas größtem Musikhaus - Schneller Versand, 30 Tage Money-Back und 3 Jahre Thomann Garantie Melodien im Sortiment. Blue/Gray/Brown. Die Lautstärke einer RAV Vast ist vergleichbar mit üblichen Handpans und sie lässt sich auch gut im Freien spielen. A sapphire-blue star in the Lyre Constellation associated by the Greeks with the harp played by Orpheus, Vega is a truthful astral counterpart for this Handpan. The calming sound of both handpans and tongue drums is also used as part of music and sound therapy. No, it’s not what you’re thinking! After being mesmerized by a magical hang drum, we had the opportunity to be tantalized by a tongue.