It’s almost just made from raw pasteurized milk. These are. It’s categorized as a mountain cheese, and is believed to be one of the best alternatives to gruyere because of its ability to melt really well. Then, there’s Edam Cheese, which only comes from the Netherlands. And because of its low-fat content, it’s softer than other semi-hard cheese. They also have a large range of cheese products with flavors, aromas, and textures quite similar to other cheese variants. And there are lots of small to tiny holes, which are often called eyes. Plus, it can take from 4 weeks to 10 months to age. Usually, you can find this cheese in rounded cylinders covered by red paraffin wax for better preservation. For more tips on food substitution, check our ingredient substitution guide. It’s made from the milk of Taurine cattle. Rather, it can be cubed or grated to add into salads and pasta dishes, or simply to a cheeseboard. Since 2012, Roth has won 7 awards for their cheeses. The milk used for this cheese is from Brown Switzerland cows. Parmesan is another Italian classic that you might not associate with melting cheeses. Most people love Gruyere cheese, as it is a soft, delicate Swiss cheese that pairs well with wine, a salad, or in any savory dish. Parmesan is more aggressive in flavor, while the nuttiness of Gruyere is a bit milder. Each type has a slightly different taste because of the grass that the cows graze on. Emmentaler ist weltweit als Schweizer Käse bekannt und ähnelt ein klein wenig dem Gruyère. This is another Swiss cheese variant. There are three varieties of Beaufort. Some say it’s mildly pungent. There’s a huge difference in taste when eating Raclette before and after cooking. But Jarlsberg is a rich source of calcium. Also, grated Cheddar is delicious in cheese sauces to cover potatoes, other vegetables, and pasta. Now learning about the history of Raclette encourages you to light a fire, just to be able to melt it traditionally. This name varies from country to country, but it’s essentially the organization that controls the quality and production of cheese. This nuttiness might be slightly milder because of its buttery flavor. Cheddar is a very generic name and can be used for any type of Cheddar. But once fully aged, Gruyere becomes stronger, with a rich, earthy taste. Also, only high-quality milk is used. It’s called Appenzeller Bio. So, you can use in different recipes such as fondues, sandwiches, bruschetta, and ravioli. Comté that’s aged between 8 and 12 months are brilliant for fondues, soufflé, and gratins. But keep in mind that Gouda is sweet and fruity, and it is also much softer than Gruyere. There are two other ways to spell Emmental. As soon as you taste it, you’re likely to notice that although the production process is similar, Appenzeller uses more flavors, and its overall taste is superior to Gruyere, according to many cheese lovers. This is a similar concept to how bread and cakes rise. Traditionally, it was eaten with pickled onions, gherkins, and fried meat. And it’s just as rich and buttery as the Swiss cheeses mentioned in this list, but milder. Though it’s a little sad to say that after testing all these available alternatives, cheeses like Emmental and Edam almost seem a little too plain, so instead of choosing obvious options, we recommend cheeses like Fontina, Comté, and Beaufort. You can substitute Gruyere for Comté in any recipe. Also, it’s produced in Ohio and Ireland under licenses from Norwegian dairy products. To replace Gruyere cheese, use the same amount of Emmental cheese. I am trying out a recipe and I have no idea what Gruyere Cheese is. Can you guys give me other suggestions? Meanwhile, some taste a hint of mushroom or an Earthy taste. For example, it tastes really good when melted over potatoes, in sandwiches and soups. Meanwhile, in France, it’s necessary for French onion soup and croquet-monsieur (a cheese and ham toasted sandwich). West Coast IPAs are ideal if you prefer beer over wine. Edam is a really good all-round cheese with the bonus of having very little smell. And in 2013, 6.9 million lbs of Jarlsberg cheese was sold in the U.K. Like Gruyere, it melts easily, making it a good alternative to fondue. This releases more whey, and the cheese becomes denser than others. Apart from its age, there are only two other varieties of Jarlsberg. Like Parmesan, melting Cheddar will depend on its age. Meanwhile, Comté that’s 16 to 24 months old is better eaten by itself, or in a salad. These are Original, Reserve, and Surchoix. It’s also a lot softer than Gruyere, but it still melts well. But consider yourself lucky once you manage to find imitations of Gruyere cheese, and even luckier if you can find the original. Emmentaler Cheese . Also, it ensures even heat distribution throughout the food. There are different colored waxes for different Edam. The name gruyère is named after a town in Switzerland wherein it was first produced. Havarti has a perfect balance of buttery, sweet and slightly acidic flavors. Edam doesn’t spoil; it just hardens, making it suitable for long voyages. The main requirement is for the milk to be unpasteurized and as fresh as possible. Also, it can be used in tarts and pies. Its taste is nutty and salty when new but varies greatly with age. Because of this process and its holes, Emmental is one of the hardest cheeses to produce. But in fact, these holes are made by a combination of 3 types of bacteria, which are used during production. Meanwhile, Emmental is great for melting and can replace any cooking or baking recipe that requires Gruyere. So whichever cheese you choose as a substitute for Gruyere, make sure you have the perfect beverage to go with it. in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Sensory Sciences. Remember, Aostan Fontina has a natural rind. There are cases, though, in which you will not find this specific cheese or you can’t afford it. Parmesan will contribute with its strong flavor, giving the blend the “kick” it needs and fontina will share its creaminess, making this a good, if a bit last minute, substitute to gruyere cheese. Beaufort, swiss, or emmental work well. For cooking, it’s an excellent choice for lasagna, pizza, toasted sandwiches, quiches and cheese sauces. Also, young Fontina is quite good for fondue as it melts better. If your cheese counter doesn’t have gruyere, there are other cheeses that can be substituted for it without affecting the recipe. They’re experts in cheese smells and tastes from all over the region. This takes place around the most suitable conditions, to avoid drying the cheese out, or to prevent it from just turning into a blob. These release carbon dioxide, and as the cheese matures, the carbon dioxide creates holes. When fully aged after about a year, the cheese becomes completely hard and develops cracks. Meanwhile, the smooth, shiny body of this cheese makes it appealing to eat as a snack. Like most Swiss cheeses, Havarti is made from cow’s milk. 100 lbs of Beaufort cheese requires 500 liters of unpasteurized milk. You can find Beaufort in most delicatessens or organic markets, but it may be a lesser-known cheese in your area. These are used to heat and cool the cheese curd. Maasdam is almost identical to Edam when it comes to smell, taste, and texture. The substitutes must be used in the right amounts as well so as not to alter the test. Also, Edam comes with a rind, but it’s more commonly spotted with a layer of red paraffin wax. If you’re cooking with meat, then keep in mind that chicken is ideal for optimum compatibility. It’s another excellent all-round cheese, and many say they find it impossible to stop themselves from cutting chunks to eat while preparing toasted sandwiches. Cheddar cheese is a very strong and sharp cheese, so it doesn’t compare to the flavors of Gruyere. After you cook this cheese, it smells much better, as does its flavor. This might be why it’s more expensive than Gruyere. But it won’t be from the original regions of Italy. Cooking it mellows out its taste, and you begin to detect its fruitiness. This cheese comes from the town of Edam, in the Netherlands.