There are several benefits of eating green peas when you are pregnant: 1. They contain essential amino acids, cysteine, and lysine. Green Peas Benefits for All Green Peas are rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber and protein. Green Peas is a versatile ingredient that can be transformed into an array of dishes ranging from appetizers to main course. Rich in Folic Acid. Green Peas Benefits: Eating green peas in pregnancy gives nutrition to mother and baby, learn other benefits of this vegetable Green peas are a good source of fiber. As such, it is believed to help in conception, and much like chamomile and green teas, it provides a healthy alternative to caffeine during pregnancy. In fact, most of the benefits of peas are derived from these two nutrients; Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Peas or green peas are considered as a powerhouse of nutrition. Green peas consist of Vitamin B9 which is known to limit defects during pregnancy and birth of a child. Helps in diabetes 10. When there is another human being growing inside you, you need more than ever to raise the amounts of nutrients and minerals in your body. Dietary fibers and vitamin C are some of the most dominating nutrients present in this small green superfood. The body needs fiber to get energy and the digestive system to function properly. They are high in vitamin C and iron content and also have antioxidants that can protect against cell damage during pregnancy. Benefits of consuming peas during pregnancy. It is commonly observed that pregnant women consume inadequate amounts of Vitamins. … Peas or green peas include many essential nutrients like vitamin B, Vitamin E, also starch, fats, and proteins. Peas contain folic acid which is great for cell DNA synthesis. The blue butterfly pea plant derives its botanical name from the resemblance it shows for the female genitals, the clitoris. Green peas are famous for their health benefits and flavorful nutty taste. Benefits and Side Effects of Peas. Make soups from green peas like Green Peas and Mint Soup and Green Peas Carrot and Cauliflower Soup and your diet fibre rich. 11. Helps in pregnancy.