A show-stopper at … Unique with … Extremely ornamental with corkscrew growth habit. Flying Dragon Orange Tree – Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ The Flying Dragon orange tree is considered one of the most cold hardy of the citrus family, surviving sub freezing weather. Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange Citrus trifoliata L. var. This hardy orange tree can grow … When we make this beautiful union with the two citrus we have created a citrus … monstrosa T. Flying Dragon's thorns are long and curved, plant is small (up to 6'). Flying Dragon is an extraordinary citrus, that is only used in Australia as a Root Stock, or under stock. It is the citrus that we graft, or bud, our citrus varieties too. Here I am offering Seeds from Poncirus trifoliata, also known as Trifoliate Orange, Citrus trifoliata, Contorted Flying Dragon, Japanese Hardy Orange, and Bitter Orange.