0 0. Green Chilies Substitute. RE: "Is there any recipe substitutes for green chile peppers? Since you asked specifically for green pepper substitute that's what I will dwell on. Green chiles are large, growing to 6 inches long, with a blocky shape that narrows at the end. This Site Might Help You. The chile is thick-fleshed and waxy. They are easy to confuse with red jalapenos until you taste one. They have a more uniformly narrow shape. Below you will find the main chili pepper styles used in Thai cuisine and in our recipes and give you substitutes that are similar in heat. Using these chilies will avoid overwhelming your dish, but still, kick consumers of heat in their tongues. Serrano chili. You can use Serrano in your cooked dish, too, as a substitute for green chilies. As I took to cooking with a passion and began experimenting with different world cuisines, I got introduced to the many interesting types of this hot, pungent and peppery spice. Substitute the second main ingredient in Ro_tel with fresh or canned, chopped green chilies. The flavor profile is sweet and hot. This Mexican chili is usually eaten raw by indigenous people. If using canned, drain all the water from one small can. Mommy. Green Fresno is listed in the mild chili’s list with the average heat level. 5 years ago. Growing up, I had no idea that green chilies came in so many varieties. Source(s): https://shrinks.im/a95Af. In India alone you will come across several varieties of the green chili peppers. Join the discussion today. Read the Substitute for canned green chiles discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Mexican food community. "Jalapenos" are very small, rarely growing longer than 3 inches. I have a recipe its a soup recipe, actually more like a stew if you ask me. If using fresh peppers, start with one chopped chili pepper. You may be using dried chili or fresh and be using red or green chilies but you can use this guide to help you find a suitable replacement if you need one. There is no way you can totally take a pepper out of any dish and expect anywhere near the same flavor without it. Chili peppers are an important ingredient when you are substituting for Ro_tel, since it provides the "heat" element. Fresno chile peppers (Fresno Red) are bright red, fresh peppers that are typically about 2 inches long and about 1 to 1/2" wide at the top, tapering down to a rounded end.