Don't set this to Party Tactics or you'll just sit there and let the enemy beat up on you. Withdraw -> Puts the character purely on defense mode. If … i dont want to replay the game again once its over, so i want to try to do all the stuff i can in my first playthrough Last edited by Ladrim; Sep 14, 2017 @ 1:24am #14. Party members Play time SEGA DREAMCAST VISUAL MEMORY UNIT (VaWJ) game. If it's related to party members leaving, maybe it happens when their itens are placed at the stashing place. and when it ends, the main game will start (you The following are biographical vignettes of each of the 33 permanent party members. The opening movie will begin. The former can give your party members a huge advantage in tough battles where even a small increase in stats can be the different between winning and losing. select "New Game" and press enter (A Button). However I'm pretty sure there were no resets when Feena temporarily left the party, so maybe it only happens for permanent changes. cr Open V" other port Starting a New Game If you want to play the game from the beginning. never turn OFF the Sega Dreamcast power. Go Wild -> Causes the character to go berserk, using their If you can switch between party members , does that mean that you can do ALL their quests (like in Mass effect, dragon age etc )? of your party members, then fight. :P Safety -> Use healing items, moves, and magic to ensure your party members are in top condition.