Governor Janet Mills today signed into law LD 329, An Act To Exempt from Criminal Liability Persons Reporting a Drug-related Medical Emergency, sponsored by Representative Barbara Cardone of Bangor and passed unanimously by the Legislature. Vermont’s Good Samaritan law is the most expansive—it provides immunity for any drug-related offense, including drug sales. In the Cedar Rapids case, the woman had called 911 to report an overdose earlier that week, and knew that doing so again would likely lead to her arrest. To understand how the law impacts a community struggling with the opioid crisis, KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert walked the downtown beat with a Eugene cop. There must be a reasonable belief, based upon the circumstances, that another is suffering a drug overdose. Maine now joins forty other states and the District of Columbia in enacting some form of a Good Samaritan or 911 drug immunity law. (a) For the purposes of this Section, "overdose" means a : methamphetamine-induced physiological event that results in a : life-threatening emergency to the individual who ingested, inhaled, injected, or otherwise bodily absorbed : methamphetamine. In 2010, Washington State became the second state to pass a law incorporating a Good Samaritan provision providing immunity from drug possession charges; immunity applies to a person who seeks medical aid during an overdose (e.g., by calling 911 or taking someone to the ER), and to a person having an overdose. The Act, sometimes referred to as the “Good Samaritan Law” protects and provides immunity from prosecution to both the reporter and the victim, so long as several conditions are met. Pennsylvania Drug Overdose Immunity Law. Benefits of Good Samaritan Laws Reducing barriers to calling 911 has the potential to save victims of overdose from severe injury and death. According to Oregon’s Good Samaritan Law includes an aspect which has to do with drug overdose. It provides immunity from drug charges and arrest when someone acts in good faith to save a life. There, immunity is provided only once to the caller and the victim. Pennsylvania’s version of the “Good Samaritan” or drug overdose immunity law is intended to encourage people to call for medical assistance for people that are suffering from drug overdoses without a fear of the caller being prosecuted or the person needing medical assistance being prosecuted. Some so-called Good Samaritan laws are even more insidious; Iowa’s law is a prime example. The Good Samaritan Law protects victims and those who call 911 for help from charge, prosecution, and conviction for possession or use of controlled substances. The Law, Chapter 94C, Section 34A: “Immunity from prosecution under Secs. (b) A person who, in good faith, seeks emergency medical It’s likely that you know someone who has been affected by accidental overdose – since it is a leading cause of accidental death in California. 911 Good Samaritan Law March 2013 On January 1, 2013, California became the tenth state to implement a “911 Good Samaritan” overdose fatality prevention law. Overdose; limited immunity from prosecution.