Sorry my phone is absolutely terrible hope it’s still understandable what I meant though (and was wondering). These three A-Levels all come from the Environmental Studies group, and are good for getting you into specialised universities. He chose Core Maths over A Level maths because he thinks A level maths is difficult, and he may not need it to study Economics in certain universities. Is this too varied as a subject combination? If you’ve got both a creative subject and an academic subject like science, you’re going to be accepted into university much faster. Universities like to see students with a broad range of talents and subjects, and that’s what this combination will give you. However, and it’s a big however… despite gaining a grade 8 in Maths at GCSE he scored low (34) in his A-level diagnostics and after the first week of A-level lessons he really is not getting on with A-level Maths and wants to drop Maths. But I passed the language exam with a B and failed all of my cies. I am actually concerned because a number of the top universities require maths, and do most universities do not recognise core maths. ), I would highly recommend swapping chemistry and physics as they are very maths based especially physics, these subjects unfortunately are a dead end without maths I’m afraid. One of my students is not able to do P3 of Maths. And in terms of what universities will require of him, yes the top end of universities will require A-Level Maths, but most of the lower-end universities won’t. Is Physics, Math, Economics and ICT a good combination of subjects at a collegiate level. It may seem like a lot of numbers, but universities love this. I look forward from hearing from you. Universities are starting more and more to look for students with extended writing skills. If you’re still unsure, the best way to find other desirable subjects is to research your course and contact the relevant university about what they would like to see on an application. What would you like to do after A-Levels? eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thinkstudent_co_uk-leader-3','ezslot_7',129,'0','0'])); Taking these three A-Levels together will make each one easier, as content starts to tie in between them. Hi is A-level computer science, maths and economics a good combination or should I replace economics for physics? In at number 3 is a combination a bit different from the previous two. He chose Core maths over A level maths because he thinks A level maths is difficult, and not all universities require maths for an Economics degree. This combination of A-Levels takes your balanced argument and extended writing skills to the next level, and universities will love that. Hi, My son is planning to study Economics with French at University/Economics. Please reply. Hi Archie , Is Maths , IT and Computer Science a good combination … Universities tend to offer lots of different language courses – even old ones like Latin and Greek. Just like the previous set of A-Levels, it’s quite a focused group, and you’ll need to show you can apply yourself to other things too (on your CV). Is it okay if u take any humanity subject together with business economics maths.. e.g. Not only does it require a lot of skill and dedication, but the logical nature of the subject helps to refine skills that are applicable in almost every field of work. If so then why? Computer Science is highly valued among universities, as technology is fast developing in this day and age. To be sure, check the entry requirements of your desired course or contact the university. 23 High Paying Jobs You Can Do Without Any GCSEs! I was also told Economics is a stronger subject than business studies which top Universities prefer but I’m not too keen on Maths which I hear is an important component in Economics.… Read more ». How Is business studies and Psychology compared to this. History – History is the perfect subject to complement English Literature. Social sciences are extremely varied in topic and approach but all focus on how society functions and many of them are essay-based, theoretical subjects. I’ve taken Physics, Maths, Economics as my combination for Alevels but I’m not sure. This is why they make a great A-Level subject combination, compounding each other’s techniques to help you learn the best statistical practices, Business Studies – Much of business involves arithmetic, from statistical analysis to budgeting and wage management. Hi. Thank you, I want to opt for If a child takes biology and chemistry would psychology or English lit better. The short answer is that if he wants to pursue Computer Science and Physics, A-Level Maths is (unfortunately) very important.