There are differing levels of difficulty for each client as to be expected from what they are expecting you to find, so you could start off with either Zhloe or M’naago if you want to ease yourself into doing custom deliveries. There will be items that have been requested for delivery, and you can head to the Scrap Salvager in Idyllshire to buy the items that you need to make them. Craftsman Go-cart (West Newton) $450. [db:quest=f4be7048089]Go West, Craftsman[/db:quest] Copy Tooltip Code to Clipboard. One such feature that we will be discussing surrounds the custom deliveries FFXIV has to offer. Though some may have slight advantages in rewards than others, there is no real need for you to prioritize one over the other if you are planning to do all of them. For example, you could receive less materia from Zhloe, but you still get the same amount of XP and Scrips as you would from M’naago and Kurenai. Unreal trials are a new weekly activity designed to breathe new life into the Wanderer’s Tales, so you’ll have to have cleared the quest Keeping up with the Aliapohs to get started. That’s practically unheard of in the MMO’s long update history. As ever, both crafters and gatherers can take part in the activity, with appropriate scrips and generous experience points being dished out to those who help. Lucky for us, the main scenario tab somewhere on your UI should let you know exactly where you’re up to and what to do next. M’naago deliveries can be unlocked through the None Forgotten, None Forsaken quest. Work hard. You’ll need to have Idyllshire and the Geimlona NPC unlocked as well. Ruin Yoko Taro’s day by mastering The Puppets’ Bunker with this FFXIV raid guide, How to fight the spectral spooks of FFXIV’s Heroes’ Gauntlet dungeon, Teach an old man a lesson with our FFXIV Seat of Sacrifice Normal Mode guide, Here’s how to get your powerful Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers relic weapon, Final Fantasy XIV free trial: Level cap, limitations, and included content, The best Final Fantasy games, ranked from best to worst, How to master the Final Fantasy XIV Ocean Fishing minigame, Call of Duty: Warzone guide with tips and tricks to win the war. Others might be leveling their non-combat jobs to make some extra gil. If not, check out the raid section above. You’ll need to have Idyllshire and the Geimlona NPC unlocked as well. Once you have done so, you can speak to clients who are looking for someone to take on custom deliveries in the world of FFXIV. Go West, Craftsman. This will in turn give you additional opportunities with that particular client, which will reap even better rewards. Prerequisite: If Songs Had Wings — Ehll Tou, The Firmament (Coords = X15.5 / Y11.4) — Go West, Craftsman (Lydirlona, Mor Dhona (Coords = X:22 / Y:6) My go to source for these figures is Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix, AZ. These new tribe quests are centered around crafters, so if you’ve already burned through the Crystarium quests to quickly level your first crafter to 80, here’s a solid backup plan. Whichever order you choose, I would still strongly recommend maxing out each client if possible. Skip to main content .us. Crafting materials that you may need for Ehll Tou’s custom deliveries can be found at the vendor Annie, who is also in The Firmament at X14.2, Y12.6. Filling the gauge will then increase the clients satisfaction levels, therefore reaping you more rewards. Adkiragh offers higher scrips and XP than the others, so you may want to start with him if you are looking to get the highest return. Then there’s Kai-Shirr, who can give you the ability to cast glamours once his satisfaction level is maxed out. The property is 16 miles from Yosemite Village, and guests benefit from complimentary WiFi and private parking available on site.