it can be, when do you weigh and what did you eat days 2 and 3? I will do this once in a month and want to attain 55 kgs by november any how. please let me know if my plan is k, Well, no rice and egg. anyways all d best for the rest. My husband was furious (he didn’t want me go on the diet to start with so when I started feeling unwell, it went up the roof) and worried at the same time. The Day 6 of GM diet is considered as a feast day as you can eat beef (or alternatives said in Day 5) along with a wide variety of vegetables of your choice. Have a question related to the GM Diet? Today is day 6. Lost 8.5 lbs so far!!!! Again, I went out today. Ground turkey, avocado, corn are these ok for day 6? thank u, when following diet i suffer through headache what to be done during this. 2) What About Smoking in Diet Plan? We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Following the diet is easier if you plan the next days meals the night before. Mid morning snack- wonder soup Dinner You technically just ruined the diet. doing great Now, take the soup to a bowl, add seasonings (salt, pepper and lemon juice) for taste and serve hot. I followed the plan very strictly before dinner. I hate vegetable can anybody suggest an alternative for that. Today is my 6th day and have lost just 2kgs and have follow the diet till 4th day and on day 5 have taken paneer and 4 boiled eggs without yellow portion . like frozen beef patty (those with less ingredient or with only veg and beef) and just fry it without oil or may be one tea spoon olive oil? Any support? Im sure these fruits are available allover the world. 1 week diet..plzzzzzz dont mind.. n hw abt d milk quantity on day 4 I prefer a 2 week gap at least. Hunger pangs present but the resolve of eating healthy is stronger. mid snack :one cucumber Love this diet! with rice can i take 1 spoon of ghee? and also Chaas( curds diluted with water salt & Black pepper) have you had any cheats? lunch wid bowl of mixed cucumber and tomato I have been following the diet very seriously for the past 5 days. HI A Multi-Vitmain is fine…, I did it back in Aug – 2013 but that time i was losing 2 lbs everyday. Snacks: Soya chunks & salad (tomatoes & onion) 3 max per meal. carbs ; whole wheat bread, noodles, You can ONLY weigh in the morning, right when you wake up after going to the bathroom before you eat or drink a thing. dinner: 1 cantaloupe, thank you After about 10 minutes I started feeling a bit better and was able to finish my coffee, have an egg and some cherry tomatoes. snacks:-no snacks or soup. Fried in what? Starting day 6 and – Big bowl of fruits ( water melon, musk melon, grapes, pomegranate) salt, pepper, spices, dried herbs, whatever you want! Evening snack-1 apple No diet will guarantee everyday weight loss. m doing 2 night n 2 off shift….is it okk to follow this diet while doing night shift…plz reply…n wat to eat during night time? Today is Day 3. Can u plz picturise the amount of rice.. Bcoz not understanding the measurement. 2 is great, if you are full don’t eat for sure…. am on day 6 today. I felt guilty for screwing up what I really worked on, but honestly, I still think it was the right thing to do. Notice no snacks for example? I have to go out for lunch on my day 6 to a Mexican restaurant and they serve vegetable fajitas. I can eat fish, Egg, Potatos hardly once or twice a week in one meal only. potato big mistake day 5 Not though on day 1 or 4. soup is everyday how do u prepare it for the week. Please put up a nice chart for Vegetarian diet like you have made for non vegetarians. 2) Green peas fine, just not too many can I replace rice wid wheat chapatii oatmeal, quinoa, air popped corn , Banana Grain flour , Tortilla . Dinner: 1 big bowl of watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, pear and apples (all cut in cubes), Day 2: day 5 is the best!i had beef and even a burger at dinner. drn hw can I take 250ml fa 3tymz on dat dau Your email address will not be published. can I know your name.. Please suggest me what is subtitute for brown rice. (Till next diet) How can we maintain reduced weight? half tsp garlic paste I have stuck to this diet precisely, and on day 6 I have seen possibly a loss of 2 pounds! dinner: cabbage, celery, onion, capsicum soup, day 5: 10 glasses(so far) Dinner: eggy? It reminds me of the Philippines. You do not need sugar unless you want to gain weight. ( I weighed myself on the 5th day before eating anything… I am so determined.. Your menu (other than 8 bananas) seemed good actually, but the killer is no fat. I am very much confused in cooking the right food for GM diet. Dinner: Fruits (Pear & Coconut), Day 4: Hi, Can i ve white rice instead of brown rice..? Is’t OK to have like that.? NOTE: How much quantity of chckn I can have in each meal?? Choose our own good fat. tomarrow is my 6th day. yah I would, wheat’s a killer. can i have fruits n vegetable salads with salt in it and kindly suggest a substitute for beef. just keep going and please read each day carefully here…. Please reply. is this normal? McDonald’s then takes it to a a whole new level of bad. But in between that time eat balanced whole natural food meals and do what’s right you will be amazed at how much more weight you will lose if you prep and eat right prior to it. Meat has fat so should the rice. thnx, Hi All, on my day 6 today..lost 4.8kg sofar.. wz 80.1kg on day 1. bt tday mng itz down t 75.3kg.. thanks t yu gmdietworkz.. . Morning: Pappay, Apple, Lunch : rice with Cooked daal with little vegs salad and Pear, Dinner : Rice with Daal or (egg omelet made with vegs) fried Vegs and half pomegranate. Are nuts allowed on any day? 4: Egg muffins with Chicken flakes/turkey/chicken/bakery adding lettuce, carrot bell pepper and little bit cheese on top small muffins calories 125 and little big almost 250 calories will it also work? Soya sauce. Hi im on day 6 of gm diet If you have been following the 7 day GM Diet then take heart in the fact that you are almost done with the diet. +chamomile tea no sweeteners/sugar. other wise can you please modify the diet fo me. which I m sure I cant follow Bcz food u r eating cant suits to my stomach I have stomach pain issue if I m eating anything hot and hard My stomach cant resolve it and I feel stomach less burning and severe pain Eggs . When you like really, what helps weight loss is a whole foods real eating plan. And if I can how much???? Yes this what exactly I want ::):):) thanks I was not assuming to eat as u eating I was worried to find same type of foods for me : i have strong will power to eat any dietary plan but My stomach is not strong it can bear lighter foods. Detox can do odd things to different people. Can I replace beef with paneer ? to reduce my weight. you can, but where is the protein? The top 2 posts. did you have any good fat day 5? No juices or potatoes in your diet on Day 6. Hi,I have successfully completed upto day 5 and almost lost 3kg, my doubt is whether we can have fruits in Day 6 & 7.Pls reply. best part. I have completed the gm diet on two occasions and I am currently on day 6 off my third attempt. Dinner: Grilled chicken with cucumber. yes you can, make sure protein is in each of the meals . If you eat lots of fruit daily, you will struggle with your weight. pls suggest. Thank you for the swift reply …… Will gluten stuff completely. wil it cause any rvrse effect in ma diet, 2mrw is ma third day n ma diet is gng 2 b eaten any grains? 2. not very much fan of wonder soup And am really thankful for your replies. How many days gap should I take to start GM diet again? Today I did eat 7 bananas and drank 2% milk so we’ll see how tomorrow goes!