The standard multi-mic setup. 2. Let’s take the Glyn Johns technique as an example. I read a little bit about the Glyn Johns method of mic placement, but I never really tried it - I'm not sure it would have worked in my room anyway, which is fairly small. The Glyn Johns Method / Four Microphone setup. Glyn Johns Miking Technique. One is suspended 32'' above the center of the snare drum, pointing straight down. Apparently that's where Recorderman really shines. To place them you want the distance from the snare to be the same between the 2 mics. 3. The Recorderman is an easy alternative for subpar-sounding rooms and the X/Y technique is a great overhead technique for those that want to avoid phase problems altogether. Choosing room and ambience mics. The Recorderman technique is probably the newest and least-known technique here, although it is conceptually similar to the overhead configuration of Glyn Johns' more-famous approach. Taming resonances. If you want good quality drum recordings you will want to use a minimum of 3 mics on it (look up the glyn johns' mic setup, or my preferred choice the "recorderman" setup). Keys are yo have two overhead mics for full surround recording, and close mics on at least the snare and kick if you can. He recorded about a dozen takes of drums in this fashion 4. A famous technique for recording big drum sounds using only 4 mics is the Glyn Johns method. Day 1 - Afternoon Session MULTI-MIC TECHNIQUES & OTHER TOPICS. Recorderman. Johns developed a very effective, minimal drum recording technique that he reportedly used to record John Bonham. Unfortunately the Recorderman technique has the same issue as the Glyn Johns’ Technique. We have covered techniques using 1, 2 and 3 microphones, so it is pretty obvious what would come next. Tuning drums. Choosing the right mic for the job. I set him up to record drum tracks, recording 4 simultaneous tracks with a "Recorderman/Glyn Johns" pair, snare, and kick. I set it up in Loop record mode, with 10 seconds of leading and trailing silence so that he could stretch a bit between takes. I just like it because it's simple and repeatable. It requires two Cardioid microphones. However, there is room for kick reinforcement so most of the time, people will mic the kick on top of using the 2 overheads. Tape a string to your kick, and one to your snare. Glyn Johns vs Recorderman. Glyn Johns is similar to the Recorder-man. Selecting cymbals. Using multiple snares. The Recorderman Setup / Two microphone setup. Glyn Johns is a world-class recording engineer and producer whose credits read like a page out of classic rock history, including The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Eagles, and The Clash. The Glyn Johns drum recording technique. Adding spot mics for FX. When you start with a mic directly over the snare, you end up with your equal distance arcs being in rather strange places.. Feel free to try it.