Gilbert Ryle’s argument against the theory that, the mind does not exist and therefore can't be the seat of self. Took a quick look-see on the web. Supplement to Gilbert Ryle. Le philosophe anglais Gilbert Ryle fit ses études de philosophie à Oxford, fut nommé lecteur en 1924 et, en 1925, tuteur (tutor) à Christ Church College. De 1945 à 1968, il fut « Waynflete professor of metaphysical Philosophy » à l'université d'Oxford. Ryle on Imagination. First published in 1949, Gilbert Ryle’s The Concept of Mind is one of the classics of twentieth-century philosophy. Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) Information philosophy identifies the mind with the immaterial information in the brain, which is a biological information processor Gilbert Ryle was best known for his criticism of what he called the "Official Doctrine" of "Cartesian Dualism" as a theory of mind. Il enseigna ensuite … Ryle believed that self comes from behavior. Gilbert Ryle was a famous 20th century ordinary language philosopher who authored The Concept of Mind. Picturing, visualizing, imagining, “seeing (a cat) with the mind’s eye”, and “hearing (a tune) in one’s head” are useful concepts; operations of imagining, picturing, visualizing, and the like are exercises of mental powers (232).