Since Europe's huge 2015 influx of migrants and refugees more than 1.5 million asylum seekers have entered Germany. Germany to Take In 1,500 Refugees, Easing Burden on Greece After Fires While it could prove politically unpopular, Angela Merkel’s government will accept more than 1,500 refugees … ‘Learn to shoot – the refugees are coming’: Germany’s police struggle to tackle racism and the far right. Germany is the EU's biggest recipient of refugees and economic migrants from southeastern Europe and has won praise around the world for … UK illegal immigration news with EU migrant crisis updates, Syrian refugee pictures and updates, plus stories from Germany and on Trump's immigration ban. Refugees who gang-raped an 18-year-old girl after spiking her drink in an attack that sparked far-right protests against foreigners in Germany … In that time, anti-migrant … A recent study by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees found that almost 35 percent of refugees who had arrived in Germany in 2015 had a … There are currently around 1.77m refugees and asylum-seekers in Germany By Justin Huggler Berlin 5 October 2020 • 5:38pm Germany saw an … Germany does not make resettled refugees apply for asylum; instead, it grants them work/residency visas for one to three years — which can also be renewed.