G minor chord for piano (including Gm/Bb and Gm/D inversions) presented by keyboard diagrams. Formula To build a minor chord, we use the 3-4 rule which is like an up-side-down of a major chord. G minor chord. Minor chords are also triad chords and have 3 tones: The Root - The â™­Third - The Fifth These 3 tones of a minor chord are picked from the minor scale. F# is a minor second below G. F is a major 2nd below G. E is a minor third below G. Eb is a major third below G. D is a fourth below G. The 5th is down a fourth? Confusing, right? The note D is down 5 half-steps from G, but up 7 half-steps from G: The chord is often abbreviated as Gm (alternatively Gmin). Explanation: The regular G minor chord is a triad, meaning that it consists of three notes. Similarly, it means: Piano Chords Piano Keyboard Guide; 75 videos; 35,011 views; Last updated on Feb 2, 2018; ... Primary Chords in the Key of G Minor on Piano - I IV V Chords by Piano Keyboard Guide.