Body temperature is a crucial component among the health indicators. Measure your body temperature with a forehead … If you do not have a thermometer. A. Most electronic thermometers have a digital display that shows you the temperature reading. Temperatures taken from the armpit are usually the least accurate. If they feel hotter than usual, you may have a high temperature. Forehead Thermometer Accuracy and the of other thermometer types. The forehead strip thermometer and the temporal artery thermometer are the most popular designs, and each has their own benefits and mode of operation. How accurate are forehead thermometers? Understandably, forehead thermometers provide the easiest and fastest methods, but when … They play a vital role in the health-care industry. Scores The Lowest Amongst Other Thermometers; In a test done with oral, axillary, tympanic, and forehead thermometers, it was shown that tympanic was the most accurate, while forehead thermometers did the worst. Specifically, you can do as below: 1. Over the years, thermometers have evolved into ‘non-contact’ forehead thermometers and many other types. Glass thermometers can be dangerous and forehead strips are not accurate. Overall, the less invasive the measurement, the less accurate it is. In theory, it will notify you via an app if your child’s temperature reaches a fever. Do not use a glass thermometer or a forehead strip. You can often still tell if you have a high temperature even if you do not have a thermometer. Touch your chest and back. However, because a forehead model provides its readings by measuring the heat from the temporal artery in the forehead, and arterial temperature is often the most accurate indicator of body temperature, many medical professionals … The most accurate temps are rectal or oral, for an oral temp IF done correctly, placed under the tongue and HELD in the proper place by the person taking the temp. Rectal temperatures provide the most-accurate readings for infants, especially those 3 months or younger, as well as children up to age 3. For the problem that the temperature of the forehead thermometer is easy to be affected by the environment, it can be solved by taking the average several times, or comparing the temperature of the armpit measured by the forehead gun and the mercury thermometer. The forehead thermometers are fairly accurate IF it is used correctly but will not give you an exact temp measurement. These thermometers can be used on the forehead, mouth, armpit or rectum. Make sure your body temperature is normal; 2. Like the forehead strips, the accuracy of these is suspect. A forehead thermometer usually provides readings that are one-half to 1 degree lower than an oral thermometer would. If a person has just been working out and is hot and sweaty, it is not accurate. Research has shown that, when used correctly, infrared or no-contact thermometers are just as accurate as oral or rectal thermometers. For … Trying to one up the forehead strips is the wearable thermometer. Forehead Strip Thermometer When compared to the digital style of thermometer we know today, these might look a little outdated.