Unlike a softer mattress, medium-firm mattresses will usually have a noticeable amount of bounce. Medium firm mattress offer the right balance between comfort and back support. The softer materials are used for more than the upper comfort layers; they’re also used for the mattress. Too soft! With a softer mattress, this can lead to a sharp curvature of their spine inwards (towards their stomach) as they sleep. When heavier people lie on a mattress, they come into greater contact with the support core of the mattress than average-sized or lighter people. Most “universal comfort” mattresses fall into the medium-firm firmness level. Finally, sleepers who overheat at night should be aware that. A mattress especially designed for the back sleeper, the firm and ultra firm mattresses offer very minimal sinkage, usually 1” or less and are designed specifically to keep sleepers comfortably afloat on the surface of the mattress thus affording a comfortable night’s sleep. Some people enjoy this, while others feel as though they’re sleeping on top of and away from the bed rather than actually being in it. Both an extra firm mattress and an ultra-plush mattress can offer the same amount of support. and other softer comfort layer materials tend to trap heat. The next item to consider will be your preferred sleeping position. Which mattress firmness level  depends most on what position you spend most of the night in. It also means that back sleepers can find comfort on a wide range of mattress firmness levels. Firm mattresses are typically less expensive than mattresses with softer firmness levels. In reality, it’s quite simple – a medium-firm mattress will fit the bill for most couples, even if they have wildly different ways of sleeping. When one is lighter and the other is heavier, or one is a devoted side sleeper while the other one is a combination sleeper that moves all around during the night, finding the right mattress firmness level can seem complicated. When thinking about how to choose mattress firmness, consider the following factors and tips: Body weight is the best place to start when choosing mattress firmness. This is why a medium-firm to firm mattress is ideal for people weighing 200 pounds or more. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from more than interrupted sleep – you could develop problems such as, To learn even more about what to look for in a mattress, check out our comprehensive, A soft mattress lands between 1 and 2 – the absolute lowest on the mattress firmness scale. As they say in the industry test out these; Extra Firm, Super Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush Firm, and Firm Pillow Top. Many lighter sleepers do well with a softer mattress. This is why so many “universal” mattresses are marketed to couples. Firmness refers to comfort and is entirely subject to personal preference. Back sleepers have a great degree of versatility when it comes to mattress firmness, as long as they feel they have ample spinal support. In fact, extremely light people (think 120 pounds or less) should shop around for a mattress that’s a bit softer than what would typically be recommended for their preferred  sleep position. Sleep on a mattress that’s too soft – especially if you’re a back or stomach-sleeper – and your spine will curve unnaturally in one direction or the other. This means that they tend to stay on the upper comfort layers of a mattress when they lie down; they don’t sink down into the layers of the support core. This is why a soft to medium-soft mattress works well for side sleepers. Falling between 7 and 10 on the mattress firmness scale, firm mattresses provide the most support out of all of the available mattress options (and it should be noted that very few if any mattresses have a 10 firmness). It must provide ample support for back- and stomach-sleeping while allowing for contouring and pressure-point relief for shoulders and hips during time spent sleeping on one’s side. Soft foam comfort layers can also cause an initial offgassing odor when the mattress is unpackaged. A soft support core doesn’t last as long as a more firm one, meaning that softer mattresses tend to have shorter lifespans than their firmer counterparts. The luxe materials that go into manufacturing soft mattresses typically put them on the higher end of the mattress price range. Soft mattresses offer a great deal of body contouring. If you tend to sleep hot, look for a mattress with comfort layers that are designed to maximize airflow and direct heat away from the body.