– Careful Synthesis II until complete. It has a cast of 0 seconds, a recast of 0 seconds. Again, remember to turn on "Collectable Synthesis"! This rotation does rely on RNG so it can potentially fail. Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 has done away with the crafting collectables skill, leaving a few erstwhile crafters wondering how to craft collectables in the first place. You can get it to it’s max, 30/30 and be okay. With NQ materials and good luck, you can reach over 2600 in collectible rarity. Some more niche uses for wait commands include making a cooldown notification macro, or putting one in your raise macro to avoid spamming party chat. +2 normal nodes will get you 3-5 items. - The Material Suppler at Rhalgr's Reach (x 9.7, y 11.8) is where you buy the mats to craft your items for M'naago's custom delivery quests. Even 2 @ min rarity is worth more than 1 @ maximum. Try this rotation for 5 collectibles at min rarity for exp. Just wondering why you’re trying to get max amount for only one collectible instead of getting multiple or the min amount. You can absolutely make collectables for any class you have higher then level 50 once the system is unlocked. Thankfully the collectables weren’t omitted, but instead altered slightly to make life easier on those who would forget to enable the Collectable Synthesis skill prior to cooking up their turn-ins. Either way, you can get some form of a decent result and get a feel for the collecting rotation without the annoyance of waiting for a timer and then screwing it up and being even more put off by it. 57+ Single Mind > Impulsive Appraisal Single Mind > Impulsive Appraisal Single Mind > Methodical Appraisal With HQ materials, it’ll end up being more. /ac “Delicate Synthesis” or /ac “Delicate Synthesis” These are very common in crafting macros since you have to wait for the animation to play before using each skill. Culinarians use CP, which stands for Crafting Points and is similar to MP and TP. - M'naago is located at Rhalgr's Reach (x 14.4, y 9.5). Each time you try to increase the item’s collectible rating, the number will rise depending on what move you have done. Remember to turn on "Collectable Synthesis"! A smithing collectable is still a smithing recipe, so you need to switch to smith first(and dont forget to make sure the collectable synthesis skill is active before you finish your craft). The Collectable Synthesis crafting action is earned by the Culinarian class at level 50. You just cannot go over that. Yellow Copper Ore and Old World Fig both need a rating of 240 for the collectible appraiser at Mor Dhona to accept. I’ve always been able to meet the minimum rarity number. An alchemist only makes alchemy collectables. Collectable Synthesis - Culinarian actions and traits in FFXIV.