McIntosh’s lawyer said: ‘‘Unfortunately, she cannot control how these conclusions are extrapolated by third parties and then attributed to her. May 1, 2014 Greg Andresen, Men’s Health Australia, Bondi Junction, NSW, Importance of fathers, Rights of the children come before needs of parents Adjusting to life as a primary caregiver can take some time and then there is the child visitation granted to the non-custodial parent. The rights and needs of children must not be allowed to give way to gender politics. My extensive clinical and academic work in family law and early childhood development, and my research with Bruce Smyth and Margaret Kelaher, are evidence-based and consistent: our findings have never said ”never” to overnight care of young children in divorce, nor anything about children needing mothers more than fathers. Barriers constraining divorced fathers having their young children stay with them overnight may be lifted, with key family law organisations revising policies blocking overnight care of infants and toddlers. It has been unfortunate that concern about ”shared care” (and one or two nights a week is hardly shared care) drawn from Jennifer McIntosh’s research became conflated into a policy stance (here and overseas) that claimed even one night a week was harmful to children’s welfare and brain development and denied caring parents access to their children. Sound family policy based on sound science always is in the best interests of the child, parents, and society. Australia's national, non-profit organisation providing a better outcome for men and their families, By Bettina Arndt, published in The Age, Melbourne, Read the 2nd article, Empty Days and Lonely Nights here. While there is nothing in the Family Law Act concerning overnight care of pre-schoolers, the Coalition has previously indicated it would examine changes made by the Labor government to Howard government reforms promoting shared parental care. It says that the 2010 study, led by Melbourne child psychologist Dr Jennifer McIntosh, was inappropriately used to suggest that any regular overnight care by fathers was damaging to infants and toddlers. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they act in the best interests of their children, not of themselves. A father who is a non-custodial parent who wants his child to sleep over during visitation rights should apply to court for a change in visitation rights to allow overnight stays., Good to see positive comments published in support of Bettina Arndt’s article. Non-residential parents who miss having their infant children overnight can rest assured in the knowledge that this arrangement may change as the child matures. The court may order a supplementary report to be made by a social worker or use the latest one to guide it. We will hopefully see lawyers and counsellors taking a more nuanced approach to overnight stays by young children. In 2010, Jennifer McIntosh, Margaret Kelaher and I conducted a study of developmental outcomes for young children in different post-divorce parenting arrangements. I dont have a problem with this but since increasing his visits to 10-4 twice per week my ex has got really snotty and sarcastic with me, as though hes proper proud that hes got what he wanted. To do this when so recently women and children have been murdered through family violence reveals just how naive Arndt can be.