On the southern island of Kyushu, you'll find the Kingdom of Lights , a spectacular display of 10 million lights that illuminates the Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch theme park. If you are traveling in September or October, be aware of the possibility of a typhoon. In mid-November, the Kobe Marathon welcomes approximately 20,000 runners and more than 600,000 supporters. Consider taking an overnight trip to Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mt. The breathtaking autumn leaves. In addition to a formal competition, there are also kids events, a display of novelty balloons, and an evening balloon display. From mid-November to early December, the trees turn vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow. Kanto: Best time for autumn colors. As you move further up north, temperatures begin to cool down, and for most of the season, the island of Hokkaido is cold enough to require a winter jacket. The festival is held from early November to early May. Fall is an ideal season to visit Japan. Each of the four seasons of Japan brings a new face to the country, each as beautiful as the next. The festival commemorates the emperor's return to power during the Meiji Restoration and features a long procession of portable mikoshi shrines, samurai-clad locals, and traditional music performances. October's decline in Japanese consumer prices compared to … Celebrating the autumn harvest, the festival was founded over 350 years ago. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. The lights are positioned to provide the most serene views of the red Japanese maples and autumnal trees. The marathon route stretches across the town from city hall to Kobe Harbor, with lovely views of the bay and charming city streets. These festivals provide a glimpse into Japan's rich history and long-lasting traditions. Around 800 Japanese maple trees will reach a golden color come fall. ", In Kyoto and Nara, which both were once Japan's ancient capitals, the colorful leaves match these cities' historical architecture and attract many visitors during the fall; here you'll find. As summer transitions to autumn, Japan begins to cool down, offering temperate weather that's perfect for outdoor walks. The weather is ideal for being out and about, and the summertime crowds have diminished considerably. The crisp white winter landscapes. fallen translate: “fall” の過去分詞形. Check the specific weather forecasts for the region of Japan you are visiting, since the weather varies from north to south during this changeable season. Most of Honshu and Kyushu rest around a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius in October and November . The main highlight of the season is the fall colors in Japan, called koyo in Japanese, transforming Japan into a wonderland of vivid hues. The objective of this is to determine factors associated with falls in Japanese patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Nikko (Tochigi Prefecture) The Kanto area offers a plethora of … Taiiku-no-hi (Health and Sports Day): This holiday, on the second Monday in October, commemorates the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo in 1964. If it's in the forecast, it's best to reschedule your trip. Many of these waterfalls are located in remote mountain locations, but with an increase in hiking and tourism in recent years, the number of visitors has greatly increased, placing … Numerous gardens and temples, such as Kiyomizudera Temple , offer what are arguably the most spectacular views of the season. This fall foliage is a magnificent sight that has inspired artists and poets for centuries. One of the most famous festivals during this season is the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival .