Quarks, electrons, and muons, and the nuclear forces that control them, are foreign to anything we know from everyday experience. Back in the spring of 1987, ... Read More, This article, which demotes Neo-Darwinism from fact to fantasy, appears as a chapter in a university textbook published by World Scientific. Subtle yet powerful, Abraham’s insight revolutionized religion and laid the foundation for modern science. Foresee or Prophecy? More fundamentally, which came first, matter or space? Many people believe that faith and reason, or religion and science, are locked in an irreconcilable war of attrition against one another. We may have experienced a sunrise every morning, but that does not guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow. Featured on CNN, CBS and in the New York Times. Like all worldviews, scientific materialism is founded on a faith statement. For Kant, certain knowledge was only possible in the phenomenal.In time, all of Supernature and the moral law (Kant would have been pained to learn) were pushed to the sphere of faith. “Concise, fascinating, even revolutionary, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd’s The Abraham Principle is a gem of a book that will open your eyes to a new but resonating perspective on all of life and existence. Such was not always the case.The early Greeks believed in a primal source of harmony that made the universe, in its diversity, a coherent whole. How about an article by a Pentagon physicist published in the journal “Technological Forecasting and Social Change”? Some religious people look upon the discovery of the Big Bang as a scientific proof that the universe was created by God. Even “things unseen” were thought to be knowable through the powers of unaided reason.The presumption of unity held sway until “hard” empiricism jettisoned the questions of ultimate causes to the Empyrean. She’s not a prophetess, nor is she a genius—it’s a ... Read More, An unparalleled master of quantum physics and relativity has turned to rabbinic Judaism for answers to the deepest mysteries of existence. One simple concept, developed by a child some 3800 years ago, has transformed the world forever. Even the most successful theories of gravity are not explanations, but descriptions that are wildly different.In one pitch, gravity is an invisible force, associated with matter, mediated by who knows what—some say gravitons, which, by the way, have never been isolated, observed, or measured, but, nonetheless are a convenient placeholder for our ignorance. A little girl once asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe if nuclear energy was good or bad. From the cosmic scale of gravity down to the micro scale of the atom, faith undergirds scientific knowledge—faith in materialism. Science and Faith – Faith All the Way DownThe bifurcation of science and faith comes down to this: The materialist operates on the belief that “nature is all there is.” The word “belief” signifies something that is not scientifically proven. The editors are to be congratulated on an exceptionally well produced volume which will surely make each of its readers think again about science, creation and faith.”, Professor Jonathan Sacks, But why? Beyond all this, it empowers us to achieve personal wellness, higher consciousness and global sustainability. One sphere is Nature, where star fish, starlets, and stars are reducible to elemental forms of matter and energy. Like angels, heaven, and God, we can’t see, smell, taste, or touch gravity. Science and Faith – From Unification to BifurcationAs science and faith started its separation, reliance on reason alone led the Greeks to many false conclusions about the universe—aether, geocentrism, and spontaneous generation, to name a few. My correspondence with Professor Wheeler. Science, when properly used, validates faith in a Creator and exhibits the awesomeness of His work. In fact, this founding proposition is not scientifically proven nor provable because, given that only natural explanations are allowed, materialistic science depends on the very premises it is trying to demonstrate. Science and Faith – Filling the Gaps of KnowledgeWhen exploring questions of science and faith, it has become the default assumption among the smart set that there are two non-overlapping spheres of human understanding. For example, the common belief that the earth was flat was believed for centuries although the Bible clearly revealed that it was spherical. If matter, did it occupy no space? Indeed, they have led to many space-age advancements. Simon Jacobson, The explanation we accept is an exercise of faith, not a demonstration of fact. Featured on CNN, CBS and in the New York Times. Without access to the true nature of things, we are left to form working assumptions to help us order our lives. One simple concept, developed by a child some 3800 years ago, has transformed the world forever. It is our senses that inform our mind, not the other way around. Data’s ... Read More, A Chabad Chassid and a Hezbollah trainee meet on a subway and strike up a conversation… If you think this is a joke, then think again. And the infinitesimal scales involved make direct examination impossible. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive and authoritative English-language resource in existence covering the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings about science, technology and medicine. The Bible is not a science book and science is not faith-based so there really is no conflict at all in the greater sense, however the Bible did reveal certain scientific facts about the earth before mankind was aware of it. Copyright © 2002-2020 AllAboutScience.org, All Rights Reserved. Faith guides science to noble causes and gives science context. Sure, we feel a pull toward earth, but we also “feel” a pull toward heaven. They insisted that the mind is a blank slate with no in-built organizing architecture. The result was scientific materialism.But as we will see, materialistic science is far from faith-free. The child ... Read More, Mohan Srivastava’s daughter is only eight years old, but she already knows how to pick winning lottery tickets up to 90 percent of the time. Because we do not know how the strafing affected the object in its undisturbed state, our reconstruction is based on inference. EXPLORING THE INTERPLAY OF SCIENCE & FAITH, The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Science, Technology and Medicine, ________________________________________________________________________, Edited and translated by Arnie Gotfryd, PhD, Bestselling author of Toward a Meaningful Life. Nature is well-ordered. Here, direct observation and the powers of reason and science make knowledge certain.The other sphere is Supernature, populated by soul, spirits, God, and everything else originating from human imaginings, needs and yearnings. As a consummate Torah scholar and erudite expert in the sciences, the Rebbe’s views count like no other. And talk about matter—no one knows why gravity is fond of it and not other things, like photons.In another depiction, gravity is not a force but, rather, the topography spacetime shaped by the presence of matter. With each new game-changing discovery of science, rationalism fell deeper into the shadow of empiricism, until fully eclipsed by the “hard” empiricism of David Hume.Undergirding the empiricism of Locke and Berkeley was the presumption that true knowledge was possible, even for things not directly accessible by sense perception, like physical laws, and abstract mathematical concepts like infinity.