feature:Texture medium to rough, pith ray obvious. I buy veneer quality logs from a few of the most famous oak forests in Germany and France. With a relatively distinct mo, feature:The heartwood of oak is highly resistant to corrosion and diseases and insects, with high wood densi. We generally source our Oak from sustainably managed forests in France and Germany. Offer 18231228 Escrow services Date 2020-08-19; Valid until: 2020-10-18; European White Oak Lumber, FSC, 26-50 mm. feature:Wood is hard and heavy, with good machinability, dyeing and polishing performance. feature:White oak wood is lustrous, without special smell or taste; Strai. European Oak (Quercus Robur) is native to most of Europe and American White Oak (Quercus Alba) is principally found in Eastern North America. Most of these are found in the northern hemisphere where, in temperate regions they may form pure stands, or may be dominant species in mixed wood lands, while in warmer countries they tend to occupy the mountain areas. We always stock KD and AD Oak, Beech, Ash lumber. European White Oak vs American White Oak. Email: sam@talaricohardwoods.com. Sizes shown are net. Ipe Facade/Sidings; Ipe Decking/ Deck Tiles; Thermo Ash Cladding; Thermo Ash Flooring; Thermo Pine Cladding; Doors & Window Frames; FSC ® Certified Wood … I only buy logs in the few special forests where the best, tight grown logs come from. It also doesn't expand or contract much in response to weather conditions. feature:The wood is dense and of medium strength. Heartwood is durable and very resistant to corrosion trea. Medium to coarse texture. feature:The wood is heavy and hard, with straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful tex, feature:Wood quality is heavy and hard, straight texture, thick structure, feature:Wood quality is heavy and hard, straight texture, thick structure, color and lustre quietly elegant, feature:European white oak color is relatively pure, in the form of straight lines appear more, can be used, feature:Wood density is high and has moderate strength.Although very hard, wood can be machined with a varie. Since it has relatively thin sap wood (.4 - 1.5"), it yields especially long and wide boards. It is similar to European oak. European Oak, which can also be known as French Oak or English Oak, originates itself from various geographical locations in Europe. The European White Oak products from reSAWN TIMBER co. features wide plank flooring, wall cladding, and millwork/stairs that is prefinished and available in engineered construction. Straight grained with characteristic silver grain in quarter sawn wood. Sam and European Spessart White Oak Most of my logs are coming out of Europe today because of the unavailability of domestic White Oak Rift logs in America. The demand is high for Rift & Qtrd Spessart oak in America because of the amount of high quality Spessart & European veneer being used here from these forests. The engineered European White Oak is milled with precision and comes in either 3/4″ with a 6mm or 5/8″ with a 4mm wear layer. We have always stock KD 10-12% or AD timber, square edged or un-edged, Steamed Beechwood or un-steamed Beechwood timber. It is referred to as Eurocut, Center Cut, Live Sawn or even French Cut Oak, and it offers tremendous opportunities for our A&D clients to specify something out of the norm, yet often stay within budget. The trees, on the basis of wood structure, fall into three groups; the red oaks, the white oaks, and the evergreen oaks or live oaks; the red and white oa… The fact that it is so hard made beautiful and durable wood floors. A wide variety of european white oak lumber options are available to you, such as type, timber type. Value Added Products. Facebook; Twitter; Google ; 9711360259 sales@faithlumber.com. © Talarico Hardwoods. American White Oak tends to be more widely available due to the fact that it is the cheaper alternative.