; Dairy Council - Provides science-based information on the role of dairy foods as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. Milk production . Details of the exporting process can be found in our step by step guide to exporting dairy products. In early 1999, the Australian Dairy Industry Council approached the Federal Government with a plan for an orderly, national approach to the deregulation of the drinking milk sector in conjunction with the end of manufacturing milk price support. Before you export dairy products to the European Union (EU): read this overview for guidance on requirements to manage compliance; check our Manual for Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) for full details of the EU’s dairy import requirements. It serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge on international level. In September 1999, the government announced it would implement the Dairy Structural Adjustment Program (DSAP). EDF wants to connect open-minded farmers and other players of the dairy chain across Europe. The European Dairy Association (EDA) is the voice of the milk processing industry (cooperative and private dairies) in the European Union. EDA’s headquarters are located in the Schuman area in Brussels. Another rise in raw milk production to 172.2 million tonnes in 2018, 97 % of which was cows' milk. The production of raw milk on the EU's farms was a provisional 172.2 million tonnes in 2018, which represents a year-on-year increase of 1.6 million tonnes. is a club of progressive and visionary dairy farmers looking for inspiration. Its members are the national trade associations for dairy processors in the EU Member States. CSK Research Group - Dutch company that supplies dairy ingredients to the food industry. European dairy industry struggling to deal with low milk price crisis . Products includes liquid milk, powder, cheese and butter. Arla Foods - A dairy company in Denmark, Europe. European Dairy Farmers e.V. Europe - US dairy vs European Dairy - I thought I was lactose Intolerant my entire life! Full article. ABC Rural / By Warwick Long. It presents information and statistics on milk and milk products in the European Union (EU). The dairy industry has seen a number of scandals in recent times, and firms must take measures to ensure that their supply Challenges and opportunities While the dairy sector is currently dealing with a number of challenges, favourable long term consumer trends and developing technologies provide a number of opportunities.