The web of wearables will take the humans to an exciting world! Wearables are extremely helpful in weighing us. Can last unimaginably till 14 days. Even IT Companies appears to be in black hole. Interesting fact is that it takes only 12 minutes to get charged fully. But in the future it may require some new networking models which can facilitate opportunistic support and compliance. It can be possible that I might have missed some of them. But task is a task. Scientist have come out with a unique way to harness magnesium for use in batteries. They have reduced human work, and one day, there will be unemployment due to this robotics application. In the future, Android wear will act as central pillar of development in wearable technology. 3DPrinting is a latest boon of technology through which you can make any three-dimensional object using a digital file on your computer with  the help of a special center. In the beginning, people look at it with lot of scepticism till the time it reaches a point,  when it becomes profound and integral part of our life. Through this blog I try my best to keep the things in the most presentable and accurate manner, make it more interesting, engaging and to list the information in the most simple and readable manner. AI intelligence and cognitive technologies are handing over the intellectual thought process of humans to machines. It can be extremely helpful in changing the shaky health of world economy. And tech pundits are saying that it’s the drone which will lead the future of autonomous navigation and not driverless cars. While the superficial meaning of wearables defines it as the gadgets that humans wear on their body, but it is something more than this. to carry on knee replacement medical tasks,  individually customized for each patient. Artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality, fashion photo editor device, blockchains, robotics, quantum computing– these all are includes in latest technologies in computer science. Nowadays, rockets, satellites, electric cars, robots- hold the most attractive and most innovative ideas. You can make any object with. If you will have a look in the past then you will see that after a gap of every 10-15 years, some new technology emerges and it changes the way we execute our day to day tasks completely. The most popular one is the headset. Imagining the unhappening is not an easy task. It has been there for years. These robotics are used in the develops countries in the factories, mills, laboratory, etc. It is the strongest one out of the entire emerging technologies. These have evolved to find lacking in education and their application. All these things are in clinical trials now, but you can expect them to enter our life very soon. Smart Wearables is the latest hottest phrase, which has taken the world by storm. The biggest advantage of virtual reality is that with the help of it, you can store any image, video or a film into any common devices like computer, phone, camera and blend any new information into it. Power limitation is a matter of serious concern, which is further arresting the growth, expansion and wider acceptability of these devices. Even before it becomes  a reality, companies like General Motors is planning to empower some of its vehicles with computer vision, which can take care of the things if the driver in charge of the vehicle is getting distracted or when he is not properly looking at the things coming on the roads! There have an unprecedented kind of interest in autonomous technology in the last couple of years. Why Does Windows 10 System Process Using Much RAM? Power limitation is a matter of serious concern, which is further arresting the growth, expansion and wider acceptability of these devices. At the same time, it is stronger a lot, even several times stronger than metal steel. This technology has emerged to fulfil the gap between learning and applying it. The beauty of 3DPrinting lies in its capacity to customize the raw materials to be used in production. I know that the topics on which I write are already available on the google. Fuel cells are almost identical with batteries- they both change the raw energy generated through chemical reaction into harmonious electrical energy- which can be finally used by humans to execute various tasks. In the coming future, it is not going to spare a single area. Hi tech fabrics, own a wide variety of useful properties. Internet of Things (IoT) In a recent article by Forbes, about the Internet of Things (IoT), it stated that … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You all know, that landing true to be the beliefs and requests of my readers, has always been my priority. It possesses massive opportunity for companies as well as for end consumers. We saw unprecedented rise in the technology of smartphones, smart wearables, smart homes, smart cars. The expression emerging technologies is used to cover such new and potentially powerful technologies as genetic manipulation, artificial intelligence, alternate energy and nanotechnology. A detailed international journal of emerging technologies and innovative research is discussed and you can download the journal by visiting here. Reasons are very obvious; Out of the entire Emerging Technologies, Holographic Technology is the most interesting and unique one which needs to followed extensively. Surgeons in Mumbai- India are already practicing on 3DPrinted Models of human organs like kidney before actually going for live surgery in operation theaters. As per cbinsights, in 2016 somewhere 550 startups grabbed $5 billion funding whose products were revolving around artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence means programmed algorithms, so this is quite different from natural intelligence. First of all unless all the vehicles running on the road goes driverless- which appears a remote possibility, autonomous driving will always be an utopian concept. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Prof Stephen Hawking has something to say very dangerous about Rise of Artificial Intelligence; “The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”. In Holo phones, callers will pop out from  your phone screen! In some recent years cloud integration has become the favourite of all. In the coming future you can touch and interact with such holograms. As per one Nasa Scientist who was in the project of Hololens  with Microsoft, Holographic Technology can facilitate geologist to virtually travel any  planet. Latest technologies in computer science in 2020 are given below, based on thier demand and job opportunities we listed top 10 latest New technologies in Computer Science.. Today we are living in the world of digitalization we have this new emerging technology. It will have massive impact on the functioning of banks, markets and government. Out of the all, reports by Forrester and World Economic Forum proved extremely helpful in penning down this post on. They are laced with smart sensors, have access to web connection via Bluetooth technology and are linked to your smartphones wirelessly. As a reader and as a wild browser, I have personally found that most of the contents on technology on the web are severely disintegrated, unorganized and boring. With sensor and vehicle networks out in  the market, the demand for Hybrid Wireless Technology is expected to surge a lot. It is has generated a huge hype in the market. , if you have a pre-design of the object in digital form. Artificial Intelligence-What it is & Recent Advances In AI? Of late that change was smartphone. Only issue is that it can’t hold that much power at a time as lithium ones. Reactjs vs Angularjs?Which Is Best for IoT development? We all know that Hydrogen is an important part of most of our fuels- such as natural gas, gasoline, propane and methanol.