The only thing that changed was gain, add some compression and you'd have remarkably consistent audio. sry for my english, i fond the forum with google.. i have questions for the EV RE15, is this a good live microphone? The Electro-Voice Model 664A is a rugged, supercardioid, dynamic microphone designed to provide reliable service in the many situations in which directional microphones are re quired. For recording, the thing that makes them so interesting is as a cardioid, they are FANTASTIC off axis. ?the reason i feel is that you can get closer to the element.. on the 15 .. where the screeno on the 16 is higher so 15 is awsome in my book cant wait to go to big outing and blow them away. (Photos Included), Already have an account? Optional Accessories: Model 419 … kindly provided by Mr. Ethan Wetzell, Electro-Voice Technical Services. The 664 was super durable and ideal in the ever-so-common school gymnasium, the room schools used for nearly all public gatherings of the 50s and 60s. A typical proximity heavy mic of the day was unusable in a gym! Your article is a great Must be the jet lag. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, hello guys! I'm based in Germany and have never seen an RE15 for sale in Europe! Repairing a Vintage Electrovoice 664 Microphone: Once you get a reputation for working and building cool things... more cool things come your way.So, this is what happened. That's a great deal. this microphon have used elvis presley 1970 in las vegas. system or a small room due to gain before feedback issues. C $159.71. The entire range of 10/15, 11/16 were really stand mount mics only, but again, the only other low bass option on stage was an omni. The Electro Voice 664 is a vintage cardioid dynamic microphone from the 1950’s and patented in the 1960’s. The windscreen rolled off top end a lot on 11/16. 300 Hz 5,000 Hz S PER 10,000 Hz Figure 2 — Polar Pattern Stand Coupler: 5/8 in. I helped a friend out with his computer, nothing fancy, upgraded his OS and added more RAM. A 664 actually worked well. Nearly all directional microphones exhibit LTD - UK Company Number 7597610 (England & Wales). You need an account to post a reply. Hi Martin. I got mine cheaply through eBay from an Oxfam-type shop in Texas... My two RE16 are the ONLY two RE16s I've ever seen on German eBay. 1950's Electro Voice 664 dynamic microphone - Works great, some wear, with cable. Thank you for your article about the Electro-Voice E1642, 1643 & 1644 Cardilina Microphine. Is there a physical difference to distinguish the models beyond their tag? Ok, I picked up the re10/15 and a 635a, with clips, for $120. I purchased an RE-15 off ebay awhile back because Elvis used one (Dolly Parton also used an RE-15 in the studio for many of her classic recordings). Webmaster’s note: At first I was concerned that the Electro-Voice Model 664 would break with tradition on this site, since all other microphones seen on these pages were used or are still being used at broadcast facilities and music recording studios. Nothing like it! Designed for live sound applications like speaking and public address specifically, with a wide range of uses and applications under a variety of sound conditions. RE-15's are more useful on (live) instruments like horns or for recording but you could still make one work for live vocals with some eq (and some compression) and careful attention to feedback. For live, they were so good because people never would stay on axis with mics at the podium or stand, always talking/singing above or below, or off the sides, and the Variable Mics never sounded different. Its a cool mic with an unusually flat response but its not the most practical live lead vocal mic for a small P.A. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. I love it on kick drum - it's great! Registered Office - Suite 19, … I have opportunity to buy this microphone for a good price, but unfortunately the label is missing from the microphone. But the ability to use it in wind was drastically better than the 10 and 15, which were horrible in wind and had awful handling noise. Speaker enclosures are tested to levels that far exceed required industry safety standards. Is my shure sm58 fake or real? From United States +C $44.42 shipping estimate. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. —27 thread on stud. Those larger heads were the added windscreens. Brad A no proximity effect cardioid is/was quite useful! eBay: EV Electro-Voice SRO RE15 dynamic cardioid microphone 4 (item 160077730808 end time Jul-22-07 17:44:47 PDT), New with shure SM58 mic. Hard to say, Re10/Re15 look the same. Elvis sounded great with an RE-15 (often with a foam windscreen attached) but he was playing large venues at lower volume levels than we are used to now. Hey there! The 16 is more mid range forward and aggressive. i just ordered a re15 i have a re16 and think its awsome but i did notice that when i used it you cant be in axis with any speakers at all it began to bite as soon as i moved around . Hey there! Buy It Now. so with that in mind im going to try to make shure next time i set up i do it differently i normaly use a shure 58 it sounds awsome and has all the sound i need but i am looking for the mic that shows majic so i hope the re15 picks up more of the lower end of my voice going low is part of my show ... so i will see soom i guess never the less its the kind of mic Elvis used so its got a home forever ..... ok hi guys i got to tell you i just got my re 15 and ill tell you one thing against my re16.... the 15 pick up more responce than the 16 now buy no means is the 16 a bad mic... ill be the first to tell you great mic but good for group singing or drums things like that the 15 is way more to my liking to sing on ....they say they are basicly the same mic .... yes they are 150 0hms.......but the element in the 16 is the size of a 50 cent peice... where the 15 is little bigger than a go figure?? EV loudspeakers are designed, engineered, and tested for ultimate reliability. Because of the wide use, it became ubiquitous with vintage rock and roll styles as it was widely seen used by stars … Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. I enjoy them all for their own applications though. I currently own an re 10/15, a 16, an 18, and a 20. Electro Voice 664 Overview. Those are both in better shape than my re10s or 635as. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. C $195.06. Sorry! You cited my father Wayne A. Beaverson of Electo-Voice for the patent on a unidirectional microphone. Electro Voice re10 re15 physical differences. Thank you for the info brad. Electro-Voice is dedicated to developing products that exceed the ever-higher expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals the world over. Vintage 1970's Electro Voice 661 dynamic cardioid microphone Low Z w cable 664. But it's also excellent on guitar amps, acoustic guitars, percussion, you name it. The RE15 is IMO one of the best dynamic mics out there. You will get a lot more volume (before feedback) with a Shure SM58 than an RE-15. I personally never compared a 664 sonically to the 10/11/15/16. Registered Office - Suite 19, Maple Court, Grove Park, Maidenhead, Berkshire … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The 15 i just picked up sounds pretty different than the 16 I'll say. i have found this in usa: eBay: EV Electro-Voice SRO RE15 dynamic cardioid microphone 4 (item 160077730808 end time Jul-22-07 17:44:47 PDT) ... LTD - UK Company Number 7597610 (England & Wales). Good deal no matter the model, but now that I have some photos, maybe somebody could help me identify it? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. There's a definite family resemblance between the RE15 and 664. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. The Electro—Voice Model 664 (or 664A or 664G) is specified. Slowly collecting them all. Simple stuff.He shows up with thi… Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. It takes some getting used to as it has no proximity effect.