Nylon is traditional and provides a fuller sound that best complements a uke’s small body. Playability is easy and the ukulele fits well into the hands and body. 4.5 of 5 stars (24) Reviews. This is a popular size among musicians as you can generate an excellent sound from this ukulele and the fret board is big enough for most people to navigate quite easily. Or if you want to go the whole hog, there are some seriously awesome solid-bodied steel-strung electric ukuleles to choose from. With Aquila nylon strings and gear tuners, the 20TE-CM is kitted out nicely and has an active pickup which uses a 9V battery to power it. Electric ukes allow us to connect our ukuleles to amplifiers, solving the volume issue as well as giving us an output for recording and effects. Electro-Acoustic ukuleles (or ‘Plugins’ as their often referred to) are the most common form of electric ukulele. Concert ukuleles bij Europa's grootste muziekhandelaar – snelle verzending, 30 dagen geld terug en drie jaar Thomann garantie Whilst it isn’t suitable for any traditional ukelele like playing, it is a fully credible little ukelele which can pack a punch when amplified with its two pickup setup. Cordoba have longed made acoustic guitars for which they’re most often associated to, but they have a great line of ukes and electro-acoustic ukes which suit low to mid-range budgets. It’s part of a fairly small range of solid-bodied electric ukuleles on the market and its niche format has some unique offerings. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. The intonation is great and it’s easy to tune. The are the soprano, concert, alto and tenor, with the largest ukulele being a baritone. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Mahogany is a good place to start, it has a great resonant quality and is hard-wearing. So, now we’ve rounded off a few points about different types and parts of ukuleles, let’s move onto the conclusion. You’ll get less noise from the body and a more accurate, electric sound for loud amplification with a solid-bodied electric uke. Geared tuners grip the string better than peg tuners, the strings are less likely to slip. The pickup control panel is situated on the body and treble and bass can be easily adjusted alongside the battery compartment. The solid wooden top is a two piece build and has a pleasing grain. It has steel strings, so it conducts its tone with a bit of energy, though this will be hard to get used to if you’re a nylon string player. This is a portable best bass Ukulele designed to play … The Mahalo Ukulele Company has a certain amount of authority in the world of acoustic ukuleles compared to the other brands we’ve seen thus far. The two kinds of electric uke are distinct from each other. The uke is well joined and the seals are good quality. The piezo pickup is passive meaning you don’t need a battery. Electro-acoustic ukuleles. Deluxe concert ukulele bundle is made up of all mahogany body, a nato neck, and rosewood bridge and fingerboard. All ukes in this review and the vast majority under $200 are mahogany based builds. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Their build quality is quite remarkable and they’re gutsy little machines that pack a real punch at medium high volumes. Its passive pickup is as cheap as it gets and it does show – it’s a shame, as it doesn’t really allow any sort of loud, gutsy sound to come through. The neck is smooth and thin. Free UK delivery on all purchases over £100 plus premium 24h domestic and international courier services available. Nylon combined with a solid body and passive pickup means very little definition in tone. This Ukulele is priced very reasonably, and Vorson are well known at creating products which hit hard for the money. The big thing that affects tone within this is how the mahogany is assembled, and how well joined any pieces are. The build quality is reasonable, and it feels light but relatively solid. Moving from an electro-acoustic uke to an electric uke, we have the Vorson FLPUK2QM. Duke of Uke is London's World Famous Ukulele Store carrying over 100+ models of ukulele in all shapes and sizes. Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23. They’ll feel very sharp if you haven’t adapted to playing steel string instruments before. Electric ukulele. It has an all Mahogany build, aside from the neck, and features an ivory style rosette to add to its neat looks. They have a ratio of 1:14 to 1:18, meaning they’re more accurate and allow tuning to conventional intonation easier. This comes at a low price, and looks cool, with a Hawaiian style top which is mahogany. The Strat shape is cool and familiar. It does, maybe, lean towards the novelty side of miniature guitars and Ukuleles. The frets are level and smooth, there’s no grating feeling as you run up the fretboard. The front is made from nice maple, and it has level frets. The action is smooth and slinky – it’ll be pleasing to electric guitarists and ukulele players alike. Plastic is seldom a better option than wood though for musical instruments. With decent geared tuners, it keeps its tuning for longer than many expect. Electro-Acoustic ukuleles (or ‘Plugins’ as their often referred to) are the most common form of electric ukulele. Fingerpicking strings hard results in poppy sounds which jump out of the mix. Amplification creates some unwanted artefacts, and the tone is generally muddy and flimsy. Has its quirks, some sound better than others – there’s some of these which arrive with many defects. Overall, it posts a great effort in the budget range of electro-acoustic ukuleles and will be easy to play whilst remaining functional and good looking. Out of the replica bunch, the Vorson pair really make a splash in the budget electric ukulele market. If you want to experiment with electro-acoustic ukuleles then it’s a good first option but even then, the general consensus is that other models from this guide play better. Conclusion: What’s the Best Electric Ukulele? In its classic figure of 8 shape, it’s comfortable to play and is light and maneuverable making it great for small-handed players. They’d be recommended over the Epiphone that rates as a more of a novelty addition to a collection than a serious instrument, and the Aileen SG where the quirky build can’t compensate for its lacklustre tone. The tone is a bit one dimensional though and you wouldn’t really want to bring this out gigging over other options on this list. Tenor uke players sometimes choose to change the high G string for a Low G in order to increase the depth of the of the scale of the instrument. The top is made out of good quality maple and the tuning heads are really well made with 1:14 tuning adjustment scale. It’s a fairly diverse selection of electric and electro-acoustic guitars we have here, and they range from cool replica-like models based on the Fender Strat, the Gibson SG and the Gibson Les Paul to more traditional electro-acoustic true ukuleles.