Our repertoire of recipes with dried cranberries features dried cranberry bread recipes, dried cranberry muffins, dried cranberry desserts and cookies. Autumn brings with it such a delicious array of flavors: Apples fresh from the orchard, plump pumpkins and squash, and of course, everyone's favorite gelatinous side—cranberry. We especially like it around the holidays served alongside a roast turkey. Tart-sweet cranberry sauce is a must-have with many traditional menus. How Long to Cook Cranberry Sauce. Too Tired After A Thanksgiving Feast? Turkey (or chicken), potatoes, Brussel sprouts, hmm, what is missing? —Janet Briggs But the mix-ins and add-ons you'll find in our cranberry sauce recipe collection are twists that make it irresistible. When you’ve overdosed on a Thanksgiving feast, the sour tart taste of cranberries. Did you know sour is the “juicy” taste? This particular cranberry sauce recipe with pecans is a perfect side for your turkey or chicken, and it can also surprise as a dessert. Add an extra bump with a dash of orange flavored liqueur such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier. Cranberries are very acidic, with a pH around 2.5. refreshes your mind and stimulates your palate with a gush of saliva and juiciness. Cranberry sauce, of course! Anything under 4.2 is safe for water bath canning, and assuming your recipe is mostly cranberries then it should still be well under the safe threshold. Add the fresh and dried cranberries and cook until they soften and pop. Citrus adds a brightness to many recipes. This recipe is a great change of pace from the more common orange-cranberry sauce combinations. How to Make Cranberry It's so much better than canned cranberry sauce. Share this on WhatsApp. If you want to get creative, you can also can up most other homemade cranberry sauce recipes. In cranberry sauce, orange zest compliments the tartness of the cranberries but doesn’t thin the sauce. It’s sweetened with maple syrup and free of refined sugars. Think outside of the cylinder with these delicious recipes that put cranberry in both sweet and savory presentations.You'll never look at the jiggly sauce the same way again. Cranberry Sauce Recipe by admin November 25, 2020 0 comments. Cranberry sauce is an essential condiment for the holiday and completes our Thanksgiving table.With its deep red color, tart-sweet flavor combination, and jellied texture, it's something that we wait all year for (much like the roast turkey it pairs so well with). Use your best judgment though.