Two small entrances lead into the burial-chamber of the Mother of God. Kissing the all-pure body with reverence and in awe, the Disciples in turn were blessed by it and filled with grace and spiritual joy. Christ, surrounded by many angels, appeared to receive the soul of His Mother and lead Her to paradise. Great destruction was done the Church in the year 1009 by the despoiler of the holy places, Hakim. The face of the Mother of God was radiant with the glory of Divine virginity, and from Her body there came a sweet fragrance. The feast was added to the Roman calendar in the seventh century as the Dormitio. After the clergy, in two rows walk the black-robed monks and nuns of the Holy City: Greeks, Roumanians, Arabs, Russians. She was out of Her house only for church, and then only in the company of relatives. O Mother of God, virgin after childbearing and alive after death, never cease to save your inheritance. The circumstances of the Dormition of the Mother of God were known in the Orthodox Church from apostolic times. Numerous pilgrims, having kissed the icon of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, following an ancient custom, then stoop down and go beneath it. Seeing Her Son, the Mother of God exclaimed: “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God My Savior, for He hath regarded the low estate of His Handmaiden” (Luke 1:46-48) and, rising from Her bed to meet the Lord, She bowed down to Him, and the Lord bid Her enter into Life Eternal. The other saints and a multitude of the faithful accompanied the funeral bier with candles and censers, singing sacred songs. He received healing and joined the crowd accompanying the body of the Mother of God, and he became a zealous follower of Christ. 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This solemn procession went from Sion through Jerusalem to the Garden of Gethsemane. All the members of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem, with the head of the Mission presiding, participate each year in the procession (called the “Litania”) with the holy burial shroud of the Mother of God. In conversation with others She preserved decorum, neither becoming silly nor agitated, and indeed especially never angry; without artifice, and direct, She was not overly concerned about Herself, and far from pampering Herself, She was distinctly full of humility. Click the link to enter the site trhough selected social network: On August 28, Orthodox Christians are celebrating the Dormition of the Mother of God. If wildflowers' scent is stronger than usual the weather will be bad. An unmarried girl who dreams of finding her betrothed as soon as possible cannot talk to anyone on the morning of the Dormition. With the end of Liturgy, at the fourth hour of the morning, he serves a short Molieben before the resplendent burial shroud, lifts it in his hands and solemnly carries it beyond the church to Gethsemane proper where the holy sepulchre of the Mother of God is situated. But if the work started in advance is completed precisely on the Dormition, this is a very good sign that promises good luck. Weekend lockdown killing cinema industry? After the receiving of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the Apostles remained at Jerusalem for about ten years attending to the salvation of the Jews, and wanting moreover to see the Mother of God and hear Her holy discourse. On the Dormition of the Virgin, frogs stop croaking. Having opened the grave, they found in it only the grave wrappings and were thus convinced of the bodily ascent of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to Heaven. Good weather on the Dormition day means Indian summer will be cool. The light of Pascha gently illumines her most pure Dormition, and in her departure from the world, the Kingdom of God, come in its power, already shines forth. Only towards evening were the Apostles able to place it in the tomb and seal the entrance to the cave with a large stone. A thunderstorm on the Dormition means autumn will be early and rainy. Then began a joyous angelic song. The holiday is called the Dormition ("falling asleep"), because the Mother of God died quietly without suffering, in a state of spiritual peace, and three days later she was resurrected by the Lord and ascended to heaven. The Mother of God was on Cyprus with Saint Lazarus the Four-Days-Dead, where he was bishop. She was modest in the movement of Her body, Her step was quiet, and Her voice straightforward; so that Her face was an expression of soul. Through the great glorification of the Most Holy Theotokos, the almighty power of God healed the sick, who with faith and love touched the holy bed. She called each of them to Herself by name, She blessed them and extolled them for their faith and the hardships they endured in preaching the Gospel of Christ. This day is believed to be the end of the earthly life of the Virgin Mary. At the entrance to the church along the sides of the iron gates stand four marble columns. Day and night She spent her time in prayer. On this day, you should not pick up piercing and cutting objects. Already in the first century, the Hieromartyr Dionysius the Areopagite wrote about Her “Falling-Asleep.” In the second century, the account of the bodily ascent of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to Heaven is found in the works of Meliton, Bishop of Sardis. On the return path, the holy burial shroud is carried by clergy led by the Archimandrite of Gethsemane. The apostles witnessed the blessed end of the Holy Virgin. With Her there was nothing of glaring eyes, nothing of unseemly words, nor of improper conduct.