One of the most beautiful avian species on Earth, peacocks are known for their long tails with ornate iridescent feathers. That question remains a mystery, but eye-tracking technology has revealed what part of a peacock gets a lady-bird’s attention. Their large feathers and wingspan with an average of 4.9 feet made peacocks one of the largest flying birds in the world. ... such as a TV show or hobby. Aside from feathers, both male and female peacocks have distinct white markings around their eyes. 1. Age also contributes to the birds you buy. If you want to start breeding right away, choose two-year-old peahens and three-year-old peacocks. Using high-speed video, a team of British Columbia scientist has studied the mating rituals of these birds and made some interesting discoveries. I've developed this blog/website as a means to help heal, teach, and guide others on their spiritual journeys and in this life. How Peacocks & Peahens Mate. As the Peacocks grow older, their tail becomes more beautiful and full as the small green feathers on the back become part of the train and full eye feathers. It is my hope that through my writings, readings, and teachings that I will be able to provide insight, inspiration, and guidance to others… Welcome to Through the Peacock's Eyes, Insights for Spiritual Living! Peahens choose their mates based on a peacock’s color, size, and feather or train quality. As with other birds, the male peacock has brightly colored plumage to attract the female peahen. According to a new study, the eye movements of female peacocks during courtship were mainly concentrated on the male’s legs and lower feathers, rather than the tall display of iridescent feathers. Male peacocks will gather a harem of several females if available. The male peacock uses his iridescent, multi-hued tail in courtship displays to attract a mate. Look for peafowl with bright colors and feathers, clean eyes, faces, feathers, vents and feet, activeness and alertness. Keep Your Eyes on the Spots: How Peacocks Attract Mates. By The Rainforest Site. A female peacock has special sensors in her crest that allow her to feel the vibrations of mate who may be located far away. The white markings above and below the male peacock’s eyes are more prominent, whereas the female’s markings tend to blend in with their feathers and skin color. Peacocks display their bright feathers most prominently during spring, the breeding season. Peafowl Origins During courtship, male peacocks fan these feathers to attract a potential mate. National Geographic: “Evolution Through the Eye of the Beholder: Peacock Secrets Revealed” Do you ever wonder what is in the pea-brain of a peahen when a fancy peacock shows off? Females may pick their mates based on the size and quality of a particular display. The longer "eyes" grow through the winter and are a major part of the mating rites of the peafowl. Like a male peacock uses his feathers to attract a mate, peacocking involves using a man's clothing and adapting his behavior in an over the top and flashy manner, for the purpose of attracting women -- but not necessarily a mate. There have been stories about peacocks hypnotizing females with the colorful eyes on their tails, which then automatically impregnate them, and of peahens getting pregnant from drinking a peacock's tears, but neither of those are true. A bout 150 years ago, and “almost a lifetime” either side, Charles Darwin was beleaguered by the problem of the peacock’s tail.