If it still may be some time before you are able to move forward with your divorce filing, keep a log of each time you request visitation with your child and the reason your wife gives you for not allowing it. But when you're planning a divorce or putting the pieces back together after a breakup, the options available to you become extremely important. It's tempting to seek sole physical custody just because you believe you deserve it or, to put it more plainly, because you don't deserve whatever your ex may have done to hurt your family. During a divorce, a father has a lot to deal with – alimony, separating property and more than likely finding a new place to live become prominent during this period. Regardless of how the parties to the divorce feel or experience, the party most affected by a […] In this article, Sanghamitra Sengupta discusses the visitation rights for divorcees in India. Find a child visitation lawyer to protect the rights of the children. Working with a child custody lawyer can help you settle complex and taxing divorce and custody issues in a faster and less expensive way. A father’s visitation rights during the divorce process is critical to ensuring a fair parenting time split post-divorce. Divorcing fathers have visitation rights to their children. Gain more insights from LegalMatch's online law library today. As with divorce, neither parent has the right to deny visitation rights of the other parent from their children, unless a court determines otherwise. It is best to consult a family law attorney if you have been denied with visitation rights. In many cases, mediation is an effective, less stressful, and less costly option for dealing with issues surrounding divorce and father’s visitation rights in Ontario. The word “divorce” conjures up negative thoughts that may include loss of child custody. Mediation can save you a costly and publicly emotional courtroom battle. When married couples with children separate , they usually fall into one of two scenarios…the first involving separation prior to filing for the legal separation and separation after filing for legal separation. When reviewing a request for visitation, the court will base their decision on whether granting a parent visitation would be in the "best interests of the child." Divorce and Visitation Rights If your wife is forcing you out of the house and denying you visitation with your daughter, the court will be able to help. A mother's visitation rights may include interacting with the child at certain times, schedule activities together, and being free from the father's control. In Georgia, a biological parent of a minor child may request visitation rights as part of an open divorce, parentage or custody case or may file a petition for visitation on its own. Fathers and custody in divorce have not gone hand-in-hand in the past. Though more fathers are receiving custody, many still are not. Divorce, an unavoidable step in one’s marriage can either prove to be a bitter experience for one party and a much-awaited event for the another. If the parents of the children are married, then each parent has equal parental rights under child visitation laws until a court order is officially made.