Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find free presentations research about Chapter 9 Social Stratification PPT As Warner (and Lunt 1941:82) wrote: "By class is meant two or more orders of people who are believed to be, and are accordingly ranked by the members of the community, in superior and in- ferior positions." The following is a 10 slide PPT which teaches and reinforces the topic of Social Stratification for Sociology class. View SOCIAL STRATIFICATION.ppt from BBS 0012 at Islamic University of Technology. The society provides more power to men rather than women resulted consider gender as an important dimension of social stratification. Stratification Agenda • Definition • Characteristics • Theories • Forms and Functions • Slavery and Estate • Caste and Class • Dimensions of Stratification • Social Mobility What is Social Stratification? Effect of social stratification on education: A case study of three generations in a family Dimensions of Stratification. Social stratification is the arrangement of the members of a society into different categories of class, caste or a hierarchy based on factors like … View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Chapter 9 Social Stratification PPT. status (Weber's second dimension of social stratification). Social stratification can be referred to as division of society into strata or layers that are superimposed one above the other. Gender is considered a major dimension of social stratification since the responsibilities of both men and women are different which can be traced since old times. SOCIAL STRATIFICATION: SOCIAL STRATIFICATION IS THE DIVISION OF PEOPLE OF A PARTICULAR SOCIETY ON THE BASIS OF Social. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Social Stratification" is the property of its rightful owner. Social Stratification layers created within the population that ranks individuals by unequal shares of scarce desirables wealth, prestige, and power. Definition: A system by which a society ranks categories in hierarchical arrangement of people Characteristics of Social Stratification