Q. Pittosporum Tree – Half Dead I've just returned from USA, having been away since early March, to find, with horror, that my Pittosporum tree (about ten feet tall) has an awful lot of dead leaves on it. In Auckland it often affects griselinias and avocadoes, though many other trees and shrubs can also be affected. We have temps down to -7â 19â and it hasn't caused any of our pittosporums any trouble and we have quite a few different ones. Top half of my pittosporum is still sparse and gappy while the bottom half is growing well.I'm sorry I didn't realise there were any more posts on this thread. 16 0 obj << /Length 17 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream I thought it was the same variety as one I planted a few years earlier which has done very well. If I started again I was thinking of P. Screenmaster. When I remove the dead branches it looks reasonably good. How to Grow Pittosporum Propagation. Dying pittosporum may have gotten too dry. Comments (2) rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7. Pittosporum tobira ist ein steifer, aufrecht wachsender Strauch, der in seiner Heimat zu einem bis zu fünf Meter hohen Baum heranwachsen kann. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. Dann werden die Sträucher meist nur bis zu drei Meter hoch. I gave up on pittosporum because they were too fussy. they dont seem to like hot and dry so it could well be the drought.I think you should give it some more time and see if it comes good with a bit more water.it sounds similar to what mine did where the leaves and branches would start dying but I couldnt keep the water up to mine. Decisions, decisions. Some have thrived some have struggled, but to rely on one for privacy, I agree with redcryptonite, try something else. Einer der Vorzüge des Klebsamens ist sein Blattschmuck. The number of times I've thought this looks promising and our frosts rule it out. Die bekanntesten Klebsamenarten sind der schmalblättrige Klebsame (Pittosporum tenuifolium), der chinesische Klebsame (Pittosporum tobira) und die krausblättrige Klebsame (Pittosporum undulatum). The most common diseases of pittosporum are angular leaf spot, Rhizoctonia aerial blight, Southern blight, root rots and dieback. QUESTION: Pittosporum branch dieback--What causes this? It isn't drying out all around the edges as if it's a straightforward watering problem. Oh, but frost would be more likely to affect plants when younger. When you are looking for an evergreen, variegated foundation shrub or specimen plant, pittosporums offer species with many desirable features. Our advice is to buy a plant from a nursery.. For this, take several cuttings of about 8 – 15 cm and plant them in a pot filled with starting mix. Explore Recent Photos; Trending; Events; The Commons; Flickr Galleries; World Map; Camera Finder; Flickr Blog; Create; Get Pro 270 locations nationwide. We get wonderful autumn foliage and spring bulbs in our climate. There are several different causal agents that can cause the symptoms of dieback in pittosporum. This is usually observable as an obvious blackened to gray discoloration in the lower stem or crown area. Frost damage would be on the outer leaves and branches I think. We moved in a little less than a year ago and are working on the other side of the yard currently. Klebsamen, Pittosporum können Sie durch Aussaa… The berries look slightly shriveled too. Should I persevere with it? They are a very popular hedging shrub here. I've had other shrubs that have taken a few years to get going. Blätter. 3. You would hope they would not sell those in areas not suitable. Which a garden centre has identified as stress (markings on the branches). As the roots die off, whole branches, or even the entire tree or shrub, will start to die back. I thought it was the same variety as one I planted a few years earlier which has done very well. Read More Excuse all the weeds! I shouldn't complain. Around here pittosporums (along with photinias) are very popular for privacy hedges.The only negative thing I'd previously heard was that P. Green Pillar is prone to mealy bugs. Disease Control for a Variegated Pittosporum. Although now I think of it, I remember reading that there are some varieties of pittosporum native to much milder climates. So if the pittosporums did well for the first few years and then started to have problems that does not sound like frost. We have one (planted before we knew) and it had an infestation one year, which didn't seem to slow it down any. I wish I could remember what variety the troublesome pittosporum is. Email Save Comment 2. I have a small-leaved pittosporum that regularly has dead branches. I've never seen tom thumb or orange blossom pittosporums here, perhaps they go by other names locally?