Despite Aethelflaed just taking Eoferwic back from the Danes, Edward agreed that land could be for the son of Ivar the Boneless. Whilst Edward focussed on the south, Aethelflaed was responsible for many of the Vikings' greatest losses in the North. When Edward succeeded to the throne, he had to defeat a challenge from his cousin Æthelwold, who had a strong claim to the throne as the son of Alfred's elder brother and predecessor, Æthelred. I’ll be honest; like the third season finale, there does seem to be a relatively fitting end point. The Danes then moved to invade Wessex but were defeated by King Athelwulf at the Battle of Acela. As the hero of the show, Uhtred's the one who ends up saving the day and starts negotiations with Sigtryggr. He ran off before the battle in Winchester began, so he’s around to fight another day. Let’s jump to the ending of the season to see where everyone was left. That’s for another season. A central arc of the show is the tension and growing distrust between Wessex and Mercia. Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. It took place in the city of Winchester, the capital of Wessex. In the final few episodes of the show, Sigtryggr, a Danish warrior, takes control of Wessex after Edward moved many of his soldiers to Mercia. I know what happens in the book, but the show just completely washed the character out. The real historical figures achieved incredible feats on their own and in many ways were more extraordinary characters in real life than on the show. Beloved characters died, while some of the most annoying ones managed to make it to another season. This is the last kingdom to gain back to create a united England. He is, likely, still with Edward. We know Beocca died at Bebbenburg, sacrificing himself for Young Uhtred. However, Edward doesn’t trust him after Aethelhelm took it upon himself too many times to interpret Edward’s words. So, in the aftermath of Aethelred's death in 911, there was no conflict between the ealdormen (nobles) of Mercia over who would be the next leader. All Sigtryggr ever wanted was to find land and live peacefully. His uncle may be gone, but his cousin is now the leader. She offered no resistance when Edward took control over London, Oxford and the southern territories of Merica. He wasn’t even mentioned! The fictional ealdormen who each wanted power for themselves had no real life counterparts. Earl Ragnar, a well-respected Danish warrior, then takes Uhtred as his ward, eventually adopting him. The Sack of Winchester occurred in 911 AD when the Dyflin Viking army of Sihtric Caech launched a surprise attack on the West Saxon capital of Winchester and sacked and captured the city. The Last Kingdom Season 4 — Courtesy of Netflix. At the beginning of the series, Edward is King of Wessex and Aethelred, Aethelflaed's husband, rules Mercia. Together, they successfully battled against the Danes and fortified the cities of England. I need The Last Kingdom season 5. Uhtred can raise Aethelstan as a warrior, and we know that Aethelstan will become the first king of a united England. Let's take a look at some important aspects of this series that may surprise you with regards to their authenticity. That does not mean we don’t want another season. and ended up controlling all the land south of the river Humber, The Last Kingdom boss explains season 4 twists, The Last Kingdom season 3 is coming to Netflix, The Last Kingdom season 4: All you need to know. Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on Netflix and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. However, it’s not all happiness. However, it’s clear there’s more to come from this as both father and son gained a mutual respect for one another. During the early years of Edward's reign, when he supposedly left Mercia unguarded, he was actually ill and confined to his sick bed. How long will it take from someone to find out the truth? The real Edward, just like the real Aethelred, never left his kingdom vulnerable to attack by taking away most of the soldiers that defended it. Of the Danes there was slain a much greater number, though they remained in possession of the field of battle. Aethelred has a mistress and jokingly tells her that he'd be willing to kill his wife and make her his queen. Edward was an effective leader in battle. Prelude After learning about the defeat of Aelle's army and the massive size of the Great Heathen Army, Prince Aethelwulf gathers a large army in Wessex and moves to intercept the advancing Vikings in Repton. We’re looking at the ending for our favorite (and least favorite) characters. Between 914 and 918, he kept successfully advancing against the Danes and ended up controlling all the land south of the river Humber. It all starts when Edward doesn't immediately send troops to help the Mercians against Danish attack. He really was the ruler of Wessex during this time period, having ascended the throne in 871. We know Cnut died (without sword in hand) but Heston managed to survive yet again. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. While not explicitly shown, it would be hard to overcome the poison she drank. However, Father Pyrlig still lives. For the next thirty days, Edward's costly attacks failed, and he ultimately decided on a fire attack against the city. He leaves Mercia unguarded to fight for Danish land in East Anglia after falling for a false report that Cnut, a Danish leader, and his forces are in Ireland. Many fall on either side, including Eohric, king of the Danelaw and Æthelwald himself. Alternatively called 'prince', 'elected king', 'King of the Danes', and even 'King of the Pagans', in 903 (sometimes shown as 902) he is brought to battle against King Edward in a major confrontation somewhere in Cambridgeshire. They actually worked together. After Aethelflaed becomes Queen, Edward installs soldiers in Mercia because she wasn’t his choice to be ruler. Sigtryggr was willing to negotiate with Edward after taking Winchester. He did it to make sure Aethelstan couldn’t be raised by Aelswith and become a threat to his grandson when Edward dies. In fact, he’s reached the end of the season almost accepting that his rightful home is gone. The last we saw of her, she was giving birth to Cnut’s child. Aethelflaed didn't need a man like Uhtred to put her name forward to the ealdormen and make the case that she would be a great leader of Mercia. The Romans did however start to build their own ‘new town’ at Winchester, known as Venta Belgarum, or market place of the Belgae. Over the past few seasons, we've seen Aethelred abuse Aethelflaed and plot to kill her. Alfred's death in the last series means that his children Edward and Aethelflaed have become more prominent. The Danes did not give up their designs on England. They all quickly agreed that Aethelflaed should be crowned the Lady of Mercia.