Also see: Outdoor garden benches with planters; Outdoor deck benches and Outdoor tree benches. Benches can be either free standing on the deck, or the bench can be attached to/built into the deck. Attached benches are part of the deck. I wanted three benches. 20.2 Benches: Composite Deck Bench Plan A standard bench for a deck is 18” tall built on two 4x4 support legs. Under no circumstances can any type of bench, even built in benches with a back, be used as a guard on any deck … These free detailed bench plans and instructions have been created by A bench plan that provides an area for storage. Step #1 : Measure the perimeter of your deck. Free standing benches are furniture, and not considered part of the deck. This article is a fantastic compilation of 50 DIY outdoor bench plans to build the perfect spot to sit in your garden, Try these 50 DIY outdoor bench plans to build the perfect spot to sit in your garden, backyard or patio. One along each side. The side tables are 23 7/8″ x 23 7/8″. You will subtract the width of the side table from the length of each side of the deck … The printable deck bench building plan includes a worksheet for taking notes on how many of each type of lumber you’ll need for each section of the deck benches.. So, making a cool DIY bench at home using given free plans is surely going to be budget-friendly and you will also have a free hand to build a decided bench … For a full maintenance free bench, frame using pressure treated 2x4 material (instead of the 2x6 framing used for a wooden deck… ... and this L-shape wooden outdoor bench would help organize your deck … The outdoor furniture is highly expensive to buy and especially the outdoor benches will cost you an arm and a leg! Simple garden bench plans. Good instructions but limited drawings and pictures.