+ We also offer High Quality Aftermarket Necks. This pack includes the Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar and the Dean M-10 Guitar Amp, along with an electronic tuner, a strap, a cord, picks, and a gig bag. + PRS Neck PRS Engraved On 12th Fret Abalone Birds, We generally have 5 or 6 used PRS Necks In Stock. Seems to have been dropped hard or something. The ONLY problem is that the neck has a couple damaged frets plus it is REALLY hard to get the action right and set it up right. Sqare heel with 56-57mm heel width fits for a wide range of guitar neck pocket 3. + Adjustable Trussrod. Z-Glide Necks are standard on select Tagliare and StrettaVita models. Get the wrong scale length neck, and your guitar will never play in tune. That said, you have to buy a neck that is the same scale length as the guitar was originally built for. The result is an ultra fast neck with a consistent, silky-smooth feel. I'd really like to get a replacement neck, but Dean does not sell them. With over 80 shape and thickness combinations, plus a choice of time tested tone woods, USACG necks are truly custom pieces, made for individual players’ preferences. You can buy replacement necks from Warmoth guitar parts. + Differences Include, Binding, Ebony, Custom Inlays & Much More. The specs are 24 frets and 25.5 inch scale, a true "metal" guitar. The best chance to avoid chipping is to score the paint around the sides of the nut and across the peghead with a fresh x-acto blade. Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars is the ONLY place in the world to get a guitar with a Z-Glide Neck. When that finish is thick it is easily chipped when removing the nut. Our Necks are Truly Custom Made USA Custom Guitars replacement necks offer you the best feel, tons of options, and the highest quality available anywhere. 1. Designed for LP electric guitar neck replacement with beautiful black gloss finish and white abalone inlay 2. + We Have USA Made Replacement Necks That Far Surpass The Original PRS Necks. + 24 Frets. ... With a Seymour Duncan Distortion Neck Pickup and a DiMarzio Super Distortion Neck Pickup, this guitar is erupting with tones you'll simply have to hear to believe. It won't be exactly a VX, but you can get close. Avoiding Finish Chips Many manufacturers install the nut on the neck prior to paint work. I fixed the neck about 9 months ago (and you can see the results of that fix in this series). The guitar in question for this example is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Well-constructed nut and horizontal fret level bring you comfortable playing experience and prevent the … I actually bought this guitar about a year ago for the very purpose of practicing neck repair - as it already had a broken neck.