... Don't actually own any 'proper' bonsai … I've not done a forest or used redwood before so will be a nice project to learn the development process. A bonsai dawn redwood is tolerant of a range of soil types, though it will look its best in a well-draining, acidic potting mixture that has been enhanced with organic matter to retain moisture. The Dawn Redwood was originally thought to be extinct until rediscovered in the … First forest attempt - Dawn redwood. A whole forest of them! Called Dawn redwood… The cool new Bonsai Redwood Forest lets you grow an entire grove of miniature Dawn Redwood trees! Soil. More than just a potted plant, this is a grove of miniature trees that you foster along, from seedling to sprout to bonsai forest. Grouping of Dawn Redwood … Redwood likes full/ partial sun and moderate water and fertilizer. These tiny trees are actually ancestors of the giant California redwood. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Metasequoia glyptostroboides COMMON NAME: Dawn Redwood SPECIFICS: 7" Pot UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Dawn Redwood is a long-lived, fast-growing, endangered deciduous conifer.