Fertility issues and occurrences of diseases are frequent. 10 Issue 3 December 2012 61-65. “This year’s temperatures and lower rainfall have been favorable for grass,” says retired scientist Hemath Hegde. He also grows IGFRI and DHN hybrid grass fodder. These insects are trapped as food in the spider’s web which is woven between the grass blades. Numerous river streams, waterfalls, dense forests and horticultural farms are the special features of this area. This information should be made available easily. Cattle breeding for increased heat tolerance is another potential, which could be beneficial for maintaining pasture-based systems. What Action?...in the Anthropocene, 2019 Fireflies Dialogues: Well-being and Justice, The Multiverse Story and Our Common Humanity, 2018 Fireflies Dialogues - Dialogue, Negotiation & Reconciliation, Farmers' Conclave: Sustainable Livelihoods in Dryland Regions, SACRED GROVES: A RESPONSE TO CLIMATE CHANGE, Somanna: A crowd funded 'Janarajyotsava' award, The Individual and the Person – from aggressive competition to mutually helpful cooperation, What Hope? Sherman, D.M. Around the fields, there was always grass. ILAR Journal. Ex: Ficus glomerata, Ficus benghalensis, Dillenia pentagyna, Dalbergia latifolia, Aporosa lindleyana, Buchanania lanzan, Grewia tiliaefolia, etc. But spiders also cannot weave the web if there is heavy rainfall. 2 (4) October-December, pp.124-144. As with many aspects of climate change, this can be beneficial but … Forest fodder cannot be relied upon; it is better to grow fodder in farmland. Traditional know-how about dairy farming has to be properly studied and documented. Conversely, the farmers of the eastern areas opine that they will continue with dairy farming, even with all the hardships. Organic farming has to be promoted, which in turn encourages dairy farming. There is an increase in the cost of dairy farming, with farmers discontinuing open grazing and starting to purchase feed and fodder from the market. They have the time-honored knowledge to adjust to the changing climate scenario. It is now up to the farmers to implement these adaptation methods. Reversing climate change: Implementing sustainable organic farming practices such as carbon farming helps reduce global warming. The ‘many farming hands’ concept prevalent in joint families is disappearing due to the rise in the number of nuclear families. Reforestation should be done keeping the variety of local trees and plants in mind. M.R. The unusually hot summer of 2018 has proved challenging for farmers across the UK. Florida’s climate is classified as subtropical and, except for the moun- Portsmouth, Hampshire, Prof Julian Savulescu and Dr Samantha Vanderslott in conversation: "Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination: the arguments for and against" Armed with these figures, farmers need to begin planning for a hotter UK using cheaper, longer-term options such as planting trees or installing shaded areas. Intensive dairy farming demands very much from modern day dairy cows. During droughts, failed crops are left to dry in the fields. Sharing of resources should happen among farmers, which benefits everyone in the farming community. The village laborers do not want to do the difficult task of cutting grass. Cow dung and urine can be used for manure, since cattle spend the whole day in the cattle shed. Scores of dairy farmers have sold all their cattle and now buy packet milk like their urban counterparts. They can also be used as fodder. Mahesh Hegde of Sonda village has installed machines to overcome the labor shortage. The fodder quantity is also important. Understandably, when there is shortage of naturally available fodder, the farmers stop their cattle from grazing. Landholding area is also less and this makes it difficult for farmers to grow fodder in an exclusive piece of land. At higher temperatures cows eat less feed, which leads to a fall in milk production. In dairy, like many areas of farming, workers also consistently face unsafe working and/or living conditions, unfair pay and extra costs, and other serious issues on which their voices aren’t heard. 10 MINISTRY OF BSINESS, INNOVATION & EMPLOYMENT A GIDE FOR MIGRANT DAIRY FARM WORKERS 11 ƨ A year on a dairy farm Weather Looking after yourself Work WINTER • June – August Usually the wettest season.