But if you're interested in that category, you might consider the Mistel MD650L Barocco or the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard—both fully split ergonomic keyboards. For this guide, we prioritized customizability when it comes to typing comfort and proper posture (including remappable keys and multiple tenting and tilting options) over customizable macros or backlighting (although those features are nice to have). It seems to me that the thumb cluster of the DM would more naturally fit the position of my relaxed thumb, with my hands outstretched, so I'm already a bit biased. These include our previous top picks as well as seven new keyboards we hadn't tested before. The Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards is an alternative to the traditional keyboard design. ErgoDox supports layers using a stacking metaphor that frankly, No number pad: The built-in numeric keypad most keyboards have on the right side not only makes your keyboard take up more space on your desk, it also can cause strain on your body because it forces your right arm to stretch to use the mouse. As one Amazon reviewer puts it: "The piano-black finish and padded wrist rest are gorgeous... until you start using your keyboard. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. We’ve added the updated Matias Ergo Pro to our What to look forward to section and the new Logitech Ergo K860 split keyboard to the Competition section. This is a pre-built, hand-wired Dactyl or Dactyl Manuform. Maltron is also ugly. We eliminated ergonomic keyboards that have a high price but aren't adjustable. Based on the limited experience I have of the Dactyl thumb cluster from my prototype, I think the Dactyl Manuform thumb cluster is better; but that's because it is closer to a thumb fan, which I think would be better than both. This is meant to reduce how far your fingers have to stretch to reach each key, but it will probably take you weeks to get used to. You get to pick which layout y There are several variants to choose from. The Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard's row of function keys, however, are tiny and harder to press, more like buttons than regular keys. Build time around 2 weeks. They're accessible via special key combinations, but most people want those dedicated keys, so we eliminated ultra-compact split keyboards. The Freestyle Edge also comes with eight extra keys on the left that you can program for macros, as well as the Fn key (which locks the function layer until you press it again) and the key to toggle the Freestyle Edge's blue backlight. If you want to put a keyboard case on your iPad Pro, Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio will probably suit you the best. This leads to hunched shoulders and upper back strain. Mine went back because of this. I've been noodling over this, on and off, for a few weeks now and I would enjoy reading the responses from other folks. At first glance, Kinesis has a feature set that looks like it can solve any problem: it can store terabytes of data, it can replay old messages, and it can support multiple message consumers. After spending months testing 10 of them, we recommend the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB for anyone who does a lot of typing and is concerned about their posture or about hand, arm, or shoulder pain. The ErgoDox EZ has an ortholinear layout: Its keys are arranged in columns, rather than the staggered layout of traditional keyboards. Melanie Pinola is a Wirecutter senior staff writer covering all things home office. Overall, our panelists and I found this to be the easiest fully split ergonomic keyboard to get used to; the well-spaced keys and the large, smooth, and well-padded palm rest make for a pleasant typing experience even at the end of a long day of writing. In an effort to be more compact, some keyboards eliminate navigational keys like the arrow keys and the function keys row at the top. After consulting with our ergonomic experts again and reevaluating our criteria, we researched all of the currently available ergonomic keyboards and tested 10. I'm having fun in ergonomic keyboards, and the more I find out, the less sure I am of exactly what my keyboard should be like. I've found the built-in palm rests for the Kinesis to be essential to me, and the Dactyl lacks that feature. By tenting the keyboard halves, you can keep your hands in a more neutral, ergonomic position. Maltron is about $200 more than Kinesis, because each Maltron is individually ordered and crafted, not mass produced. And if you'd like to remap keys for a different layout, you can do so in just a couple of clicks. David Rempel, Director of the University of California's ergonomics program, interview, Alan Hedge, Director of Cornell University’s Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group, interview, E. Fylladitakis, The Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review: Split Ends For Combined Comfort, AnandTech, February 5, 2018. Compared to similarly priced ergonomic keyboards we've tested like the Adesso WKB-3150UB, the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard feels less plasticky and better designed; the keys feel springy and easy to press, unlike the more wobbly keys of cheaper keyboards. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. The little feet that most keyboards have in the back, which raise the back edge of the keyboard upward like an old typewriter? This guide is about the most comfortable ergonomic keyboard for most people, but if you have pain, numbness, or other serious symptoms, you’ll likely need a medically advised option tailored to your needs. If you’ve been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or any repetitive stress injury (RSI), you should consult an ergonomics expert or your doctor for advice specific to you. We now have a couple of folks offering reasonably priced, 3D printed DM cases, so I think that will be the direction for my next project. We tested the Matias Ergo Pro in 2017, and at the time it performed the best of the ergonomic mechanical keyboards we tested. While the build-it-yourself keyboard community is thriving, with many interesting options for self-assembled split keyboards, most people want to use their keyboard out of the box. The Kinesis Freestyle Pro is very similar to the Freestyle Edge, but we think the Freestyle Edge is a better choice for more people because for just $25 more you get backlighting, included detachable palm rests, Cherry MX Blue and MX Red switch options, and a slightly better build quality with touches like braided cables. Kinesis doesn’t sell replacement keycaps, and the Freestyle Edge’s nonstandard layout means it will be difficult to find replacements. Plus, you don't have to deal with the unsightly wires typical of fully-split ergonomic keyboards, since the Sculpt keyboard connects to your computer via a 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle. We interviewed experts in ergonomics and keyboard design to learn what to look for in an ergonomic keyboard. “Repeated extremes of wrist extension can put excessive pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel of the wrist, and this impairs nerve function and eventually results in injury,” explains a Cornell research study. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. However, the built-in number pad makes it less ergonomic because it forces your hand farther away from the keyboard to use your mouse—that’s a dealbreaker. The other keyboards we looked at and tested all made too many compromises for us to recommend them. Like all fully split ergonomic keyboards, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge requires an additional wire to connect both keyboard halves. If you are going to build one, the Dactyl Manuform is in my experience easier to print. I chose Ergodox EZ and went over some of the QMK basics and how I use the device. But the unique layout takes more time, effort, and patience to get used to, even with the convenient configuration options. Most widely known among these are the contoured Advantage line, which feature recessed keys in two bucket-like hollows which allow the fingers to reach keys with less effort as well as a central array of modifiers such as enter, alt, backspace, control, etc. And the Mistel Barocco didn't meet our ergonomic criteria because it has an upward slope and also lacks arrow keys. This position, called extension, is a major cause of strain. u/crystalhands makes wonderful dactyl cases without legs. Other trade-offs for the lower price: no programmability, no backlighting, and, most importantly, no ability to separate the keyboard halves to position them for your body's needs.