I have tried every damn flavor of Quest I can find (including nasties like Mixed Berry, yuck). April 19, 2020 at 2:37 pm. Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders, looking to refuel after a grueling workout. Review of the Costco protein bars. The Costco by my house has them for 17.99. I am not a Costco shill before anyone ges all r/HailCorporate on my ass.. Big Quest fan I've been a huge fan of protein bars my whole life, I've used them for skiing, for hiking, for weight lifting. Comments. I didn't have a membership but found I could order them online without a membership, they make you buy 2 boxes, and add a 5% fee to it, but not bad, I got 40 bars for about $44. They can without much of a stretch terminate up in the “treat” halt of the range subsequent to you are searching for a basic, protein pressed tidbit. I went and bought a box myself I liked them so much. Pure Protein Bars Costco Review Why Built Bar? Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Shop Costco.com for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry and more. Its hard to rate them fairly, I'm so used to Quest bars, but overall I think they are pretty good. They come in cookie dough and chocolate brownie, and the chocolate brownie isn't too chocolately to the point where it's gross....it's actually pretty good. Clio Greek Yogurt Bars Review + Taste Test Enlightened Ice Cream Bars Review: Cold Brew Coffee Chip and Frozen Hot Cocoa Best Protein Ice Cream: Archer Farms Low Calorie Pints. Usually protein bars taste chalky and dry to me, but these ones were so chewy and delicious. I was hoping to find at least one that had a solid amount of protein, was low in sugar, tasted good, and didn’t cost too much.. Reader Interactions. At the point behind you explore the protein bar, you, as a declare, discover a huge amount of sugar to make them taste good. Weight Watchers #2. Now, there are endless choices out there and it can be confusing to find the right one. Protein Bars are a beneficial nutritional aid which is often supplemented to meet protein and caloric requirements. They are decently priced. Eat Stop Eat. Filed Under: "Diet" Food Product Reviews, Reviews. I just got my box of Costco knockoff quest bars. Jon Harnish says. Bars can be a convenient way to help get enough protein as a vegan, but after trying a few pretty gross vegan protein bars, I set out to find the best ones.. The Half Day Diet #3. Top Recommended Diets #1. There are cheap (Lower quality) bars packed with sugar and junk, but some companies make some really high-quality protein bars. I have tried tons of popular brands and recently (1-2 years ago) landed on Quest. For our review of the best protein bars available, it was vital that we coveted off a broad cross-section of the more globally well-known sports nutrition brands as well as some new kids on the block, who tend to be more focused on the organic integrity of their protein bars.