I’m going to certainly try this recipe. Some people may not like it in one way, but may try other variations. Of salmon will it work the same. Only thing is that the only Salmon that I will use is PINK Chicken of the Sea, all the other canned kind taste too... fishy for me :-\, Oh, and by the way, I agree its rude of people to come on and suggest you change the recipes. I was taught to add finely chopped onion, bell pepper and celery after you sautee them. That sounds good. Offering up a variation without judgment....that's ok! Thank you for the recipe. I put them in the refrigerator to chill 2 to 4 hours. Gives it a very good flavor and is one of my husband's favorite meals served with grits and biscuits! My Granny would always make them just like this recipe for me when I was a little girl. We enjoy our patties with a dab of tartar sauce on top. I use cornmeal, eggs, pepper, and buttermilk. THEN I discovered I had no sweet taters. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and thanks Kathy for all the wonderful recipes you post. I buy the frozen seasoning mix; onions, peppers etc., and mix with the salmon. my other half always wants me to make them never had a recipe so thank all of u i will surprise him one nightHe is going to love it!! One of my simple pleasures is to take a hot biscuit, butter it, put a hot salmon patty and cold slice of tomato on it and eat it that way. I will be making these again. I love reading all your recipes, and if for some reason I want to change it, well I'm certainly not going to suggest you do the same! I can remember having as a kid, but my mother died when I was fairly young and before I was interested in her recipes. Yum. www.ruralmom.com/2016/02/4-ingredients-cornbread-salmon-cakes-recipe.html I love them with fried potatoes and peas or spinach. I respect that others might have different recipes though. These salmon patties are savory and delicious. In addition, when I got older and started making them I began using a pinch of Old Bay Seasoning and I fry them in Olive Oil. I used to eat salmon straight out of the can.. Memories and all. I love listening to classical or gospel music. I just think it gives it the best flavor. They are on my list of comfort foods. Always a real treat. My apologies for the typo in video. I make mine somewhat like yours, but now I may try a bit of this and a bit of that... that's how family favorites are created. I have one that I use I would like to share.Salmon Patties1 16 oz Salmon1 egg2 tbs mayoniase1/4 c seafood breader1/4 tea mustardonion power to tasteClean salmon of all bones. The notes will be very helpful the next time you make this recipe. I also use self rising flour as a binder instead of cornmeal. Your recipe sounds just fine. They are a little different than yours. I lie in frying pan as a ball, then when dark on 1 side I THEN turn over and flatten. ! Mackerel was cheaper, and now that Im grown I prefer Salmon, but the ones Mom cooked were delicious. For example, when my recipe calls for “sugar,” use granulated sugar. I can always learn new things, especially about cooking, because no one knows it all and I am open to trying new things. This is really good with a white sauce and peas topping! However, I do sometimes wonder why they are looking at a recipe for something they seem to think they already know the only tried and true way to prepare ...lol. But always forget. No need to add season? Dry with a towel. My husband loves these Salmon patties as much as yours does.He could also eat them once a week.I have never tried te cracker crumbs but use all corn meal but will try the cracker crumbs. There are many ways to make a salmon patty and I think I have heard just about every one...lol. Salmon patties with fried potatoes or scalloped potatoes and macaroni and tomatoes1 One of my favorite meals!