He is guilty not only of Article 88 of the UCMJ, but in my opinion, also of Article 133 Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, and because he has apparently advocated violence against his political foes, among which he counts the current administration, Article 94 Mutiny or Sedition. I'm watching "A Few Good Men" and Kevin Bacon was saying the guys who carried out the code red were going to be charged with conduct unbecoming, but I always thought that conduct unbecoming was "conduct unbecoming an officer." Sometimes known as “conduct becoming,” the offense conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman is defined in the punitive code of the UCMJ. Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. Source (U.S. Code) If you are a member of the armed forces and have been charged with conduct unbecoming to an officer and gentleman, it is important to take action right away to avoid conviction. Revised section. (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. The phrase was used as a charge in ... (UCMJ), enacted at 10 U.S.C. Conduct unbecoming refers to the conduct on the part of a certified professional that is contrary to the public interests, or which harms his/her standing of the profession in the eyes of the public. An experienced military defense lawyer can help you as you attempt to regain your rights. Article 133: Conduct Unbecoming to an Officer and Gentleman. Historical and Revision Notes. 1041, 70A Stat. 76.) In other words, the charge can cover a number of different types of offenses. Any commissioned officer, cadet, or midshipman who is convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. Conduct Unbecoming cases at the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) are known to involve the most generalized form of misconduct. Two elements fall under the article: (1) That the accused did or omitted to do certain acts; and Such a service member will be punished as directed by a court martial. Article 133 – Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman – is an offense with deep roots in military history and the original Articles of War. DEFINITION. Can you clear me up on this? Use in the United Kingdom. He is not allowed to have his beliefs override his duties as an officer. ARTICLE 133 – CONDUCT UNBECOMING AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN Article 133 deals with officers, midshipman or cadets who are convicted of behaving in a manner unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman. Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (or conduct unbecoming for short) is an offense that is subject to court martial in the armed forces of some nations.