If your gym doesn't offer paper towels, you can also use the gym towel for a quick courtesy wipe when leaving the equipment. The younger sons of dukes and marquesses have, by courtesy, the title of Lord prefixed to the Christian and surname, e.g. In school, the courtesy award is given to the student with the best behavior. As a courtesy, copy it to your immediate supervisor. photo courtesy of Alan Robinson Jack proudly displays his winnings. Paris and London having assured Washington that neither concealment nor lack of courtesy was intended, Belgrade found it quite safe to reject the note of Jan. Note: Flights arriving from Canada land in SFO's domestic terminals (Terminals One, Two and Three) because they clear U.S. Customs at originating airports in Canada courtesy of a border pre-clearance deal. In private, his never-failing courtesy, his agreeable manners and a noble and generous heart for all who needed protection against the powerful or the lawless, endeared him to hosts of friends. uished for his enerosit mildness and x., g g Y, courtesy, was elevated to the pontifical chair by the adroit manoeuvres of the younger cardinals. Depretis, fearing to jeopardize the impending conclusion of the Franco-Italian commercial treaty, would have preferred the visit to take the form of an act of personal courtesy between sovereigns. First try to help them with their problems. A performance will follow that same evening, courtesy of BBC Radio, who will broadcast it. There is almost always a fee associated with a courtesy overdraft, and sometimes the fees can be quite substantial. MACHINA II downloads courtesy of ThePumpkins.net. An excuse was provided in the fact that the poet had a copy of some unpublished poems of Frederick's, and as soon as Voltaire arrived hands were laid on him, at first with courtesy enough. The courtesy title of the earl's eldest son should, therefore, apparently be either "Viscount Hutchinson" or "Viscount Knocklofty.". 88 Courtesy forbade him from asking the reason for this unexpected visit. Courtesy The vast majority of Thais are tolerant and genuinely hospitable toward foreigners so long as the latter respect certain customs. Would Chapman would have allowed one of his "busts" the same courtesy if there was extenuating circumstances surrounding that person's arrest? In theology he upheld the Arminian against the Calvinist position, but always with courtesy and fairness; his resignation on doctrinal grounds of the superintendency (1768-1771) of the countess of Huntingdon's college at Trevecca left no unpleasantness. Bagration was embarrassed, not wishing to avail himself of their courtesy, and this caused some delay at the doors, but after all he did at last enter first. One hundred percent natural and organic, this Wildflower Aromatic Natural Body Lotion comes courtesy of Uhma Nagri. 4 It's a matter of common courtesy to acknowledge letters. Moss goss - 04/03/03 Courtesy of Heat Magazine Fancy quizzing Kate Moss on all her top-notch celeb gossip? Be warned. What better way to warm up for the colder months than with some tasty meals for the family, courtesy of Uncle Ben's! The layout had some big jumps and heavily rutted sections courtesy of rain on Friday and intense downpours Sunday morning. he was popular with his subjects, who pardoned him much in consideration of his knightly virtues, his courage, his ready courtesy and his love of adventure. You do not have to allow your financial institution to provide courtesy overdrafts to your account. The voice of terrorism is thus strangulated on its own rope courtesy of the internet. One of the minions in Betsy's organization had arranged for a pleasure car for her weekend, courtesy of her boss who felt guilty for her frequent out of town travel. Behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people. Their courtesy and dignity of manner are very striking, and are combined with ease and a fluency of discourse. When a wife dies intestate leaving a husband and issue the husband has the use of all her real estate for life, and the personal estate is divided among the husband and children share and share alike; if there be no issue the husband has the use of all her real estate for life and all her personal estate absolutely; if the wife leaves a will the husband has the choice between its terms and his right by courtesy. Sharp 903 3G Phone Review - three megapixel snapper The three-megapixel barrier has finally been breached courtesy of the Sharp 903. horseshoe bats who roost in our cellar courtesy of a CCTV link. The fever was over, and Emma could harbor little fear of the pulse being quickened again by injurious courtesy. As a courtesy, please do … Courtesy in a sentence up(2) down(0) ... 263 Jerry: I think if one's going to kill oneself, the least you could do is leave a note - it's common courtesy. The main theme gets an airing again, courtesy of some wonderful bubbly analog synth lines. reverendus, gerundive of revereri, to revere, pay respect to), a term of respect or courtesy, now especially used as the ordinary prefix of address to the names of ministers of religion of all denominations. The owner prides herself on the exquisite cuisine, old-fashioned courtesy and personal attention given to all customers. Using words and phrases that reflect common courtesy will keep customer–advisor interactions respectful and consequently improve rapport. 33 The hotel runs a courtesy bus from the airport. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for gesture of courtesy from inspiring English sources. A courtesy shuttle bus goes to Hurghada town center daily. The rights of dower and courtesy both obtain. Courtesy phrases. He was a man of varied culture, of large breadth and liberality of views, of generous impulses, of great gentleness and courtesy of manner, combined with equal firmness of purpose and energy of action. 33) in which he covers them with praise, commending their courtesy, their humility, their openness and the care with which they bring up their children. They are reproduced by courtesy of the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society. It is generally supposed that the title conferred by this patent was that of Viscount Suirdale, and such is the courtesy title by which the. reproduced courtesy of Property Tax Portal. 3 Courtesy costs nothing. In the past, many financial institutions approved overdraft transactions as a courtesy and charged a hefty per-transaction fee as a result. The prefix "lord" is ordinarily used as a less formal alternative to the full title, whether held by right or by courtesy, of marquess, earl or viscount, and is always so used in the case of a baron (which in English usage is generally confined to the holder of a foreign title). By releasing his or her right of dower or courtesy together with the homestead right, if any, the surviving widower or widow is also entitled, in fee, to one-half the real estate, if said deceased leaves no issue surviving; if the husband leaves issue by the widow surviving, she is entitled in fee to one-third of his real estate; if the wife leaves issue by him surviving, the husband also is entitled in fee to one-third of her estate; but if the wife leaves issue not by him, he is entitled only to a life interest in one-third of her real estate. Athens, although known to be hostile at heart to the cities of Macedonian power, Alexander treated all through with eager courtesy. It's all part of a 'common courtesy' campaign, targeting the likes of 'polehogging' and 'manspreading'. However, as a courtesy to the employees at the donation centers and those who will be shopping through the stores, it is best to follow a few guidelines. 31 Courtesy makes for safer driving. service as a courtesy to our website visitors. He was a man of striking presence and distinguished by a fine courtesy of manner. Now you can relieve this lunacy courtesy of these pummel sticks, which are loads of fun ! This is a courtesy for those who aren't used to finding dog hair in their living space, and it will help greatly if there is truly an allergy in play. Every inquiry is treated with courtesy and the utmost discretion.