A look at the “Stone Dragon” along the Tenmile Range traverse. © 2009 - 2020 The Clymb. While the ridge may be scram­bled, either way, the most com­mon route starts by sum­mit­ing Mt. Bierstadt and traverses from south to north to the summit of Mt. The knife-edge of Kelso, at the very end, is not the most difficult section, but often gets the most press. One of the most classic ridge traverses in the Front Range, the Sawtooth Traverse is a Class-3 scramble that starts at the summit of Mt. We found a non-technical way right up the middle of it! It then fol­lows a series of ridges and notch­es while keep­ing the sum­mit in sight. Palisade Mountain Scramble: Palisade Mountain's south side is one of the steepest and rockiest terrain in the Front Range foothills. For the east summit, scramble up a near vertical rock face for 20 feet on big holds, easy talus gets you to the top. The Saw­tooth Ridge is a Front Range Clas­sic, con­nect­ing two 14ers, Mt. Tor­reys Peak is rife with hik­ers, but it offers a less trav­eled and thrilling line to the sum­mit. (. Palisade Mountain Scramble: Palisade Mountain's south side is one of the steepest and rockiest terrain in the Front Range foothills. Lone Eagle Peak is tru­ly Col­orado scram­bling at its best. Escape Winter – Camping in the Southern U.S. 4431 Glencoe Street, Denver, CO 80216 USA. Evans, via a thrilling low Class 3 scram­ble for half a mile. Grays and Tor­reys peaks are two of the most pop­u­lar 14ers in the Front Range, with prox­im­i­ty to Den­ver and Boul­der, plus a rel­a­tive­ly easy yet crowd­ed hike to their summits. While scram­bles may not be tech­ni­cal climbs, remem­ber to use extreme cau­tion and wear a pro­tec­tive hel­met and stur­dy boots. Evans, across rocky moraines, exciting exposed walls, thin, knife ridge-like crossings, and spectacular views looking across the valley. You can easily access Elbert’s large, rounded dome by several trails, all of which begin in vanilla-scented pine forests and emerge from treeline with stunning views of the Sawatch Range. The scrambly fun begins as the number peaks traverse begins. up to 14,278ft (9,000'+ departure!). Pacific Peak, 13,950 ft. on the left, Atlantic Peak 13,841 in the middle: (approached from Colorado Route 91 between Copper Mountain and Leadville) (panorama taken from Mayflower Hill) Do the cross-country route, heading due east from the trailhead to include Mayflower Hill 10,420 ft., as a direct approach to Pacific Peak's west ridge, thereby elongating the scrambling. It’s a hybrid of the two. These Thirteeners offer an extension from the busy, very popular Fourteeners and other high-use recreation areas in Colorado’s Front Range. Kel­so Ridge, Tor­reys Peak Colorado’s highest summit is a grandfatherly gentle giant, at least by Rocky Mountain standards. CMC Press 710 10th Street, Ste 200 Golden, CO 80401 (303) 279-3080 The altitudes of included peaks, mountains and points have a staggering range from 5,200ft. Colorado Ridge Scrambles; Images (8) Climber's Log Entries Comments (8) Additions & Corrections Page Type: List Sign the Climber's Log! From here, the low­er sec­tions are fraught with boul­ders and rocky tow­ers as climbers steadi­ly ascend the rudi­men­ta­ry path. The ridge requires route-find­ing skills, as some sec­tions can be deceiv­ing­ly chal­leng­ing but can be bypassed. And it alter­nates between Class 3 and 4. This leads to an extreme­ly exposed, Class 4 tra­verse across the sum­mit ridge to a mag­nif­i­cent point­ed pin­na­cle. With run-out pro­tec­tion and great grip, they make for fun rope-free ascents with the option of free-rap­pels from the summit. Don’t go it alone, and always be aware of haz­ards includ­ing adverse weath­er and rock­fall. The excit­ing crux of the route is known as the “Knife Edge,” a short, thin and blocky tra­verse right before the sum­mit. Aug 27, 2013 - Explore Colorado Tourism Office's board "Front Range ", followed by 11197 people on Pinterest. When he's not climbing, Michael enjoys working for a local guiding company, biking, and sharing his adventures through his blog, Mike Off The Map. This excellent climb on this excellent is certainly worthy of this list. Lone Eagle Peak is one of Colorado’s most breath­tak­ing moun­tains thanks to its point­ed sum­mit ris­ing dra­mat­i­cal­ly above the Indi­an Peaks land­scape. From here, climbers take a short scram­ble to sum­mit Tor­reys Peak. Locat­ed just min­utes from res­i­den­tial Boul­der, the Flatirons offer an easy approach with just enough length to make it a local favorite for after-work climbs. The Front Range is probably Colorado's best known mountain range. Saw­tooth Ridge, Mt. With its nearly perfect pyramid shape, Peak 1 is one of the more aesthetically pleasing mountains in Colorado. Located just off I-70 in Frisco, the hike up to Peak 1 can be steep at times but offers no technical terrain. Scram­bling is the art of tra­vers­ing ter­rain that’s too steep to hike but not steep enough to require climb­ing equip­ment. Animal life likewise, is just as myriad. Alice, Rocky Moun­tain Nation­al Park This is where the real fun starts as climbers fol­low trails on thin ledges and climb­ing short walls while bounc­ing back and forth to either side of the ridge. Be safe out there! Some of the clas­sic Col­orado scram­bling routes fall into a Class 3 and Class 4 rank­ing, indi­cat­ing that they are safe with­out a rope or a full rack of rock … La Plata Peak- Ellingwood Ridge Col­orado is known for its jagged land­scape and thou­sands of peaks, but not all of them require tech­ni­cal climb­ing skills. At the top of the rugged gully is where the scramble starts. Mt. That’s not to say it’s a walk in the park — there’s a matter of 4,400 feet of elevation gain over 4.5 miles to deal with — but the paths are well-maintained an… Some of the clas­sic Col­orado scram­bling routes fall into a Class 3 and Class 4 rank­ing, indi­cat­ing that they are safe with­out a rope or a full rack of rock protection.