That’s a sign. The person who experiences a synchronistic event has previously said a prayer or they had a thought or a dream that later comes to fruition. Synchronicity etc. Or brush them off as coincidence or a fluke. (In order to count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance. Then there are things that happen which have no explanation but they happen close to another event that has no rational explanation. Someone “up there” is looking out for me. ( Log Out /  It should make you stop and think about it, even if just for a few seconds. Then you go to your email and see a Groupon for half off Bikram Yoga in your area. You start creating linkages to seek out meaning of an event which has had such a huge impact on your life. If you are a spiritual individual, you’ll understand when I say your angels are constantly communicating with you. Sometimes I think that things are just a fluke. Life happens…and the kindness of an uber driver…. It just happens that through the random lottery of life, an anomaly occurs and you’re the recipient of the winning ticket or not-so winning ticket. Signs. If they are, those signs can help you with a problem or situation in your life. They indicate directions. - My brother was afraid to go into a 711 because there was a bum standing in the front whom we never saw before. As long as it comes in 3’s, they will get my attention, and they know it. It’s okay to tell them how you prefer to receive signs. He sees “Caution Ahead” flashing at him. Podcast is about people's myronies & whether it's coincidence or is there greater meaning... #thatsmyrony Jung believed synchronicities were evidence of a unifying consciousness at play in the universe, creating physical manifestations of what's happening in … I get signs from my spirit guides all the time, but even I sometimes am not sure if something is just a coincidence or a real sign from my guides. Experiencing multiple coincidences in your path – increased synchronicities – may seem like strong signs from the universe; like it’s definitely trying to get you to pay attention to something. But here’s the thing. Are coincidences purely random or signs of the divine? So to throw this back to Graham Hess who said it best in the movie. Next your friend calls you and says, “I’ve been thinking about trying yoga. )” Or a pigeon randomly appearing at your window, hovering and flapping sufficiently to draw your attention to it. Then there’s the second group who don’t believe that there is anything at play in terms of these signs and that they are pure lucky or random occurrences. They are all around us and it’s our job to look out for them. You walk out to your mailbox and there’s a brochure for the local yoga studio in there. Clearly, there is universal appeal and fascination with synchronicity. There are signs daily telling us we are going in the right (or wrong) direction. You are first on the scene to help the victims. A few seconds later, a car came up my right side and passed me. When I began writing, my lucky animal was the tortoise, because writers need to be soft inside, have a tough outer shell, and stick out their neck to move forward. In the movie “Signs”, Mel Gibson’s character, Graham Hess talks about there being two kinds of people in the world. A lot of times these repetitions might seem like coincidences, but they’re not. You’re done. Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Ask your guides a question then watch for the signs. Just things happening. Seemingly random things that occur but then the human need for a rational explanations kicks in. Whether you fall into the group of “no coincidences” type people or the group of “total randomness” type people. If I get all 3 signs in a 24 hour period, then I pay particular attention. I am not quite sure which group I would fall into. The loss of a loved one brings this into play quite a bit. Maybe they’re signs. Wow, that’s cool. The answers are already there for you to discover. I'm the type of moron who believes in the universe sending me sings (make fun of me all you want it won't change the way I think lol) theres this girl a like she's a close family friend and I want to confess how i feel about her, but I'm just to nervous plus i haven't seen her in a long time.