The independent family company, which is managed in the third generation by Dr. Andreas Sennheiser and Daniel Sennheiser, is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems. That’s why Sennheiser is now offering its smartphone solution Memory Mic for just half the price. Smart engineering + fun product. The audio settings are fixed at 16-bit, 48kHz and the format is .WAV. Can I use the native video app on my device instead of the Memory Mic app to record? For Android operating systems, the file type is .MP4; for iOS operating systems, the file type is .MOV. Wedemark, 6 April 2020 – In view of the current situation, audio specialist Sennheiser has added another special deal for the month of April and is now offering its wireless Memory Mic for just EUR99 (MSRP, reduced from EUR199). Sennheiser Memory Mic B-Stock B - Stock, Sennheiser Memory Mic, hochwertiges Kondensatormikrofon mit Kugelcharakteristik zur kabellosen Speicherung und Übertragung von sendefähigem Ton von Videomaterial, 2, 4 GHz Bluetooth 4. With Memory Mic, you can move around the sound source freely, at any distance, when recording your videos. 3.8 (9) for a teacher), onto a music stand, etc…. After an hour, the battery will have already reached 70% of its full capacity and the microphone is ready for recording the next video. Sennheiser - Headphones & Headsets - Microphones - Business Communications - Service & Support - Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound. Fantastic sound quality. Records audio that syncs up with video taken on phones and tablets. Is there removeable storage? Wedemark, 6 April 2020 – In view of the current situation, audio specialist Sennheiser has added another special deal for the month of April and is now offering its wireless Memory Mic for just EUR99 (MSRP, reduced from EUR199). Bereits ab 158,96 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Sennheiser Memory Mic Microphone günstig kaufen bei A little big for discrete wearing. Sennheiser does not offer a case specific to the Memory Mic, but a variety of options are available on the market from other accessory manufacturers depending on your specific needs. Get the free App. Digital workflows for flawless daily business. Isn't there a distance limitation for Bluetooth? The Memory Mic will record perfect audio for your videos – it is rugged but at the same time lightweight . The USB-C connector is used solely for charging the internal rechargeable battery of the Memory Mic - it cannot be used for data transfer or connection to a PC or Mac device. on a table for an interview). The Memory Mic battery is not user replaceable. One touch synchronization of audio and video, High sound quality for vlogs, documentary and home videos, Smooth and wireless audio recording, no drop-outs, Download the free Memory Mic video and audio recording app through App Store or Google Play. Devices need to be paired on a one-to-one basis; using multiple Memory Mics simulataneously with a single device is not possible. The Memory Mic and its free companion app make it easy to create smartphone videos with great audio and are ideal for course instructors and vloggers but also … The Memory Mic does not include a power adapter, but it is supplied with a USB to USB-C cable, which can be plugged into any AC adapter for the purposes of charging. Just clip the mic to your family members' or peers' clothing, or place it on objects, open the app and you can immediately start your recording. Can I connect multiple Memory Mics to a single device? Alternate wearing styles can be used depending on your needs, such as clipping it to a lanyard (i.e. Capture amazing sound wirelessly in high quality to accompany your smartphone videos. April 06, 2020 . Yes, the Memory Mic can be charged while capturing or transferring your recording. Revision Number: 1.0. 500 mA. How far away can the Memory Mic be from my device? The Memory Mic uses Bluetooth to establish the initial connection between the recording device (i.e. The Memory Mic carries an international, 24 month warranty - please contact Sennheiser or one of our Service Partners for additional support on after sales service: The microphone features a high quality condenser capsule and the unique Sennheiser technology secures unlimited recording distance between the MEMORY MIC and your smartphone. Sennheiser bietet mit dem Memory Mic jetzt eine einfach zu bedienende Lösung an, bei der es egal ist, wie weit Mikrofon und Smartphone voneinander entfernt sind. Sennheiser Memory Mic - Best Microphone For YouTubers Best Price s Today: Sennheiser's Memory Mic is a clip-on 'lapel' microphone that can wirelessly capture perfect audio for your iPhone-shot video. This is done via the Audio Mixer when viewing the videos in the Memory Mic app gallery - use the mixer to adjust the level balance of the two microphones, click "Save" and export to your preferred location. Each operating system has different ways to transfer files off their device; for Android devices, you can connect your phone to a computer and search in the device for the Phone\Movies\Memory Mic Mixed folder, which will contain exported videos from the Memory Mic app. Memory Mic initially connects via Bluetooth and you don’t have to worry about getting out of range. The Memory Mic features a omni-directional, pre-polarized condenser microphone that is protected by an integrated windscreen. Demo videos for guitars, testionials, vlogging. 70% charge < = 1 hour, 100% charged < =2 hours; a full charge will last approximately 4 hours. While charging:  The LED indicator is also red while charging. The Memory Mic is manufactured in the Netherlands. The Memory Mic records up to 4 hours of audio which will automatically synchronize with your smartphone video via a Sennheiser Memory Mic App, downloadable through App Store or Google Play. Sennheiser Memory Mic iOS und Android Audio-Drahtloslösung für Blogger und Social Media . You can record up to 4 hours of audio via the built-in, non-removable storage. Regular, built-in, smartphone mics capture video sound only where you stand. Old Lyme, Connecticut, April 6, 2020 – In view of the current situation, audio specialist Sennheiser has added another special deal for the month of April and is now offering its wireless Memory Mic for just $129.59 CAD (MSRP, reduced from $259.95). Both of which are easily overcome with creative placement and a little patience. The Memory Mic charges via the USB-C connection and the supplied USB cable, which can be plugged into any AC adapter - like the one that came with your phone or tablet - for the purposes of charging. Size need to improve, and optation to use with external mice and drones. Its operating time amounts to up to four hours, then it can simply be recharged via its USB connector. Read more... Sennheiser Star Rating High can be used when placing the Memory Mic between two people to record an interview or when the Memory Mic will be placed physically away from the subject (i.e. Lightweight and rugged housing and the easy attachable magnetic clip makes the Memory Mic a must have for smartphone video recording. Sennheiser bietet verschiedenste Lösungen für das mobile Recording, besonders im Zusammenhang mit Videoaufnahmen. „Sennheiser does it right with great sound for the iphone!“, 66.7% of Reviewers Would Recommend this product to a friend, Battery = built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable 3.7 V DC, 360 mAh. One of the unique aspects of the Memory Mic is its ability to automatically sychronize the recorded audio to the video - this means you'll be ready to share your video instead of spending time editing your audio to align it to your video.