Maple wood is always beautiful and on a rifle that you treasure it can be a truly beautiful addition. When trying to figure out the value of wood, you need to take this into consideration as well as the grain and other stuff. It is also a very durable wood that can be used for anything from flooring in our homes to the gunstock on our most favorite rifle. Important! When working with wood, most people want to have a designated area to work in. Burled or fiddle patterns are also available and each one can be beautiful as a stock. It is cheaper than all others and may be made of lighter weight wood. Most of the time, in today’s world, it is made of walnut woods. To know which size is best, you will want to either measure your existing stock or speak with the stock blank provider. In either case, the wood grain pattern will mostly be straight, but not always. A fiddle or straight grain is best for the thin wrist and action areas. There are times when it must take place on-site. Located in Sacramento, CA You are here: Home / GUN STOCKS / Claro Walnut Gunstocks Structurally similar to Eastern Black Walnut, Claro Walnut is considered to be the most desirable of all the walnuts due to it’s wide variation of color and figure. When it comes to a gun, you may not think much about how it looks. Stock Repairs: we excel at repairing damaged stocks. Primary Menu. Custom gunstocks for airguns. click to hide ALL. Call or write for quote. We have walnut, Circassian walnut … However, you do need to be careful which blank you choose. Some of the most common things that can be made with Claro beyond gun stocks. Finished custom gunstocks from $1155! Additionally, we carry French walnut, which has a unique honey-colored background. Burl is tricky. It opens up the doors for you to create more projects for more people. They are both very beautiful and useful for anyone who loves to work with wood. It does not matter what type of wood you are working with. Add to cart Details. Most rifle blanks will measure 28” to 48”. It is rare, which makes it a little pricy. It will do whatever you want for it to do. It is bold enough to often be considered a marbled claro. Yama wood is one of the most exotic woods around for gunstocks. Highly Figured California Claro Walnut Gunstock Blank $ 575.00 SKU: #303-AR4. The choice is yours. Fine Claro Wood Workmanship. In talking about wood for a gunstock, you want to make sure you choose wisely, but you also need to focus on what you like. These tools require a power that does not come from muscles. If weight is something you wish to avoid, then you may choose the lighter birch wood gunstock. It is a favorite among gun enthusiasts who want to hold a true beauty in their hands. Claro or Black Walnut. When a woodworker takes his craft out of the shed and onto different job sites, they need a power supply that is as portable as they are. Claro Walnut or California Black Walnut is a type of wood that can range in color from pale brown to dark chocolate brown. Tables, bar tops, and a million other things can be made with it. Other times, you will only need a sealant that can bring out the beauty of its woodgrain. Can you think of a downside to that ability? Claro walnut is black walnut that grows in California. A good stock will fit securely so that the rifle does not shift under its recoil, but perhaps one of the most important things is that it will stand up to anything. It is for this reason that many people choose Claro Walnut for their most preferred gun stock. However, many people still prefer the walnut. California has a twelve month growing season, unlike states with walnut trees which have severe winters. However, some people do enjoy the white color since it has numerous color variations in the grain’s pattern. Changing the wood is common practice. The Claro walnut shows more patterning and sometimes produces some of the most beautiful stocks we can find. click to hide Gun Blanks - ALL Claro ALL Claro 1 piece. Not only does the.