1200 calories per meal. When you use these meals, you can simplify your meal preparation and snacking to spend more time having fun. Or some secret army shop that sells MREs on discount. You either pay top dollar for the individual meals or take what's offered in the bulk. If the seal & phrases are not on the box, it's not a genuine military MRE. Hotline: 1-877-226-xxxx eBay and Amazon are the cheapest places to buy MREs online. This means that you always have food which is ready to eat regardless of the situation you are in. But when I started researching, I was 100% sure that I would find a cheaper place to buy them from. All our meals can be eaten anywhere and anytime, be it on top of a mountain or on a boat. The price for these meals will vary depending on the supplier and the options that you choose. 3. eBay: On eBay, you can find civilian MREs as well as easily as you can find military MRE’s. Because of that, military MREs are harder to find. Enjoy Everything You’ll Ever Need All From the Same Place. Remember this - because some companies will mark their MREs as "Mil-Spec". Remember this - because some companies will mark their MREs as "Mil-Spec". If you know any place that sells cheap MREs that I missed - please let me know in the comments. And I don't like luck. U.S. Military Surplus (Amazon, Single Meal), Ready America 70180 Emergency Kit / Backpack, Life Emergency Food, Water & Thermal Blanket, Amazon remains my #1 choice for online MRE shopping, 12 Best / Most Powerful Air Pistols Reviewed [CO2, Pellet, BB & PCP], 12 Best Infrared Thermometer Guns 2020 Reviewed [For Humans, Medical, Body Temperature/Fever], 8 Best Glock 19 Holsters Reviewed 2020 (IWB, OWB, CCW & Open Carry), 6 Best Pistol Red Dots / Reflex Sights [Reviewed 2020], Cheap Bulk MRE Meals Online - Where To Buy? Usually, you'll see them sold at about the same price as eBay or Amazon. It is possible to buy MREs in 3 to 12-month supplies which will ensure that you have 3 meals every day. They come with flameless heaters and usually have a better taste selection than civilian MREs. The civilian market for MREs has a lot of options available, and most will meet the nutritional and caloric needs of a person when access to conventional meals is not an option. Backpacks Backpacking is a one-stop store where you can find civilian MREs for sale such as military mre meals from US top providers as XMRE. That the box will last exactly as long as it's promised to. If the seal & phrases are not on the box, it's not a genuine military MRE. You know, a hidden prepper store somewhere on the internet. It is possible to eat an MRE cold and straight out of the packaging. High volume orders will also generally benefit from bulk pricing which will make your stockpile cheaper to create. [2020 Price Comparison], 28 Best Casio G-Shock Watches In 2020 [Reviews], 7 Best Tactical Boots For Rucking, Ranger School, Police & EMS [Reviewed 2020], 9 Best Tactical Chest Rigs In 2020 (For AR, AK, MOLLE & More...), 7 Best Soft AR 15 Cases / Range Bags Reviewed 2020 (Protection On The Go), 13 Best Tough Solar Atomic Casio G-Shock Watches [2020 Reviews], 10 Best Bear Sprays / Maces For Bear Attacks [Reviewed 2020], 9 Best AR 15 Hard Cases Reviewed 2020 (Keep Your Gun Safe), 15 Best Tactical Military Sunglasses Reviewed 2020 [For Army, Police & Bikers], 7 Best Tactical Self Defense Canes (Combat Canes) [2020 Reviews], 11 Best Tactical Casio G-Shock Military Watches [2020 Reviews], Garmin Tactix Charlie Review - All You Need To Know [2020], Garmin eTrex 30x Review - All You Need To Know [2020]. As the MRE is very easy to store, you can add them to any emergency kit you have in your home or vehicle. The thing with military MREs is that you don't know how they've been stored before. I was confident that there would be at least something. That's a lot to pay for one meal. Because you can survive by eating only one of those packets per day ... pretty much forever. The meals were originally developed for the American armed forces to carry food when in the field. 2. Brick and Morter Stores: Many Army/Navy Surplus stores carry civilian MREs. But you're safer shopping for MREs on Amazon than on eBay because of the free returns. His hobbies include: Archery, Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Firearms, Reloading, collecting G-Shock watches. The problem is that commercial sale of U.S. Military MREs is restricted. So, I set out on a mission: To find the cheapest MREs on the market - online or offline. They sell cheap MREs... that have less than 1200 calories. With every meal, you should have a healthy dose of proteins, proteins are crucial to muscle recovery after an exhausting climb, trek or anything else you may experience out there. To Summarize: Contrary to popular opinion, you won't find cheap MREs at the commissary. MREs are one the best, nutritious, longest-lasting, and tastiest survival foods you can get. But you can get boxes of them from eBay and Amazon quite easy. The cheapest fresh MRE box that checks all the boxes. Storing the MRE at a cooler temperature will help them last longer. MREs use pouch packaging which is durable, resilient and flexible so it can withstand tough conditions. And there is a reason for that. These situations can occur when there are floods or other disasters, when evacuations need to be carried out or when there is a power outage. eBay and Amazon are obvious choices to look for cheap MREs online. There are many recreational adventurers who also find MREs to be extremely helpful. Robert is Survivalmag's Editor in Chief. They're not going to sell it to you for less unless they really have to. It is important that you take the time to prepare for any emergency situation. But if you want to secure your home with a reliable source of food, you should consider buying long-term food storage products instead of MREs. The MRE will be precooked and self-contained which means that you do not have to refrigerate them. MRE 24 Meals 2020 Inspection Date, A and B Bundle, MRE 12 Meals New Batch by AmeriQual, 5-Year Shelf Life, Comparison Table: The Cheapest MRE Meals For Sale Online, Cheap MRE Alternatives (2020 Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update). Get yourself a basic propane camping stove (that you should have anyway) and you're set. There are many ways to heat MREs without them. When determining the shelf-life of the MRE, the storage temperature is a major factor. Which can happen on eBay, but not Amazon. It takes a lot of planning and some serious commitment preparing a balanced diet for several outdoor activities.