The scene ends with Marle standing next to the tree atop Death Peak as the sun starts to rise. This is because of the age of ten years while in his fiendish form. Chrono Trigger FAQ: Suggest Questions Uh-oh? Without a moment to lose, Crono runs off to board the Epoch to chase after her. Lavos erupts from the ground and sprays flaming spines into the air, which rain down, causing untold destruction. This ending is a preview of Chrono Cross. If the player defeats Magus in the one-on-one battle but defeats Lavos before the Black Omen by using the bucket or Telepod, Crono, Marle, and Lucca board the Epoch, and one of the scenes shows Frog transforming at the base of the waterfall in the Denadoro Mountains. However, if you choose to fight Magus in a one-on-one battle and defeat him, Magus' spell that transformed him into a half-human / half-fiend will wear off, but not until the end of the game. He stops to catch his breath. Method: Use the right Telepod, bucket, or Epoch in the narrow window between witnessing Schala entering the Ocean Palace and being kicked out of Antiquity by the Prophet. She dives into the Gate after the cat, which promptly shuts behind them. Lavos erupts from the ground and sprays flaming spines into the air, which rain down, causing untold destruction. It’s an interesting ending that does a good job showing what happens if the heroes never appeared during key events in history. Ending 13: Dream's Epilogue (DS, iOS/Android, and Windows exclusive). Finally, Tata sets off. The end card drops abruptly, Marle surprised at the sudden ending. Nothing but Chrono The true number of different endings. At the last second, however, Crono's cat comes running around the corner, chased by Crono's Mother. The screen then goes black and the credits scroll by in just a few seconds' time, revealing the ending card. This is because he aged ten years while in his fiendish form. Most of the variations still apply. Lucca and the others go with Gaspar to bring Crono back, leaving Marle behind to spend time with her father. After defeating Lavos, Magus' magic wears off, and Frog turns back into Glenn, who is a tall, muscular man. Lucca is working on Robo. Bad Ending: Allow all of your characters to die in battle. With Crono hanging onto the balloons and Marle in his arms, they float off into the night sky as the credits roll. Square Enix to patch up CT on Steam CT Forum Index. Gaspar invites you to go around and meet everyone who helped develop the game. There are multiple variations to this ending. Method: Any except Ocean Palace, then lose to Lavos, This ending allows you to witness, in real time, the events recorded on the computer in 2300 AD. Method: Start a New Game Plus, finish the encounter with Lavos in the Ocean Palace, finish the Dimensional Vortex in all three time periods, talk to Gaspar, then use the bucket Gate to travel to Time's Eclipse and defeat the Dream Devourer. In the fight, Magus will appear, but the Dream Devourer will brush him aside. She goes to the castle to discover that her entire family are now half-human / half-frog creatures, and so is she! This timeline change affects the rest of the game afterward, with Lucca's mother Lara walking around their house doing chores instead of just sitting in her room. Most of them will be dictated by the order and method that the player defeats the major bosses. He bids farewell to the others, preparing to return to the Middle Ages. (That is, after going through the Black Omen.). In the canon ending, Frog spares Magus' life, as killing him will not return Cyrus. Crono and Marle return to the square to see the King hanging up Nadia's Bell. Method: Use the winged Epoch to reach over Lavos. Alternately, fight Lavos after being kicked out of Antiquity by the Prophet and before fighting him in the Ocean Palace. Method: Use the right Telepod or bucket after acquiring the stolen Gate Key, but before Frog joins the party again. Suddenly, the Gate opens in midair, and Robo, Ayla, Frog/Glenn, and Gaspar come exploding out of it. Angered that his prank back-fired, the frog falls asleep with the other two. He informs Crono that his stay of execution has been canceled. She and Lucca go up to the Telepods to reminisce about their adventure. Below you can find how to activate each ending, as well as a short summary. All endings in the game are listed here; any others are merely rumors and do not exist. The opening of the game is re-enacted - Crono attending the Millenial Fair, bumping into Marle, seeing Lucca - except that every human is now a Reptite, and the Green Ambler is now wearing a human disguise. And with the Gates closing for good, they will likely never see each other again. Afterward, they go to the northern square, where the rest of the group awaits near the Telepods, preparing to return to their own times. After visiting all nine rooms and meeting all the team members, Gaspar will open the door that used to go to Spekkio's room, allowing you to meet the "Dream Team," the individuals responsible for the creation of Chrono Trigger: Talking with Sakaguchi-san on the far right, he will thank you for playing the game and completing it so fast. There are multiple ways of fighting Lavos: For all but the Ocean Palace, winged Epoch, and Telepod fight modes, there is a Gate that appears in Lavos' interior, granting you a respite before fighting the core. The events of Zeal play out without Crono and the others interfering.