If the problem is neither recognized nor corrected, your chili will soon be shrinking. 7. Water them now and then only when their foliage is sagging. Does the perfect degree depend on the type and phase of the plant? Yellow, brown or black spots with a sharp border indicate a larger problem. This creates gaps in which water can run off and out of the pot through the drainage holes, effectively starving the roots of your potted chillie plants. 5. Generally, it is either the result of incorrect cultural practices or else pest or disease issues. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Most chili plants die because they are not watered properly. Permanent temperatures below 16 °C are not only bad for growth, but also lead to susceptibility to diseases. Keep the bagged plant in a shady area so that the moisture doesn’t dry out. Chili Plants are like people they will grow weak if not given enough of the basic necessities such as sun, water, air and nutrients. I followed a YouTube video and re potted it. You can prevent this by a bright location of at least 9 hours of direct light. The reason i wrote this article was because i went on holidays for 8 days and my plants got dehydrated. Share and mention this site with your friends. Keep the plant in the container until bubbles stop rising from the soil. Mature leaves may develop spotted or stippled areas, dry out or fall off, but leaves fed on during development emerge randomly curled or twisted, depending on the location of the feeding. It’s all right if water covers some of the foliage. Drill your finger deep into the soil. Location. When you do not water your potted chillie plants enough, the soil tends to harden and clings closer to the roots and away from the pot’s sides. Maintaining plants well Keeping them healthy and vital. Keep the plant in the water for at least a half hour after the bubbles stop, to ensure that the soil is completely saturated. It is not unusual for moisture to accumulate in the lower part of flower pots. If you discover fine spinning fibers when spraying the plant with water mist, you are dealing with nasty spider mites. Many causes and problems are easy to get under control. Plunge the whole pot and plant into the water filled container. The consequence of a too dark environment is that the plant sheds its leaves. Share the link on Facebook and mention us. Thank you so much! Your email address will not be published. Immediate pest control is then necessary. Incorrect watering behavior is the main reason why Capsicum plants are entering the chili heaven. But for some reason my leafs are all dead and the ends of my branches are brown. Check this problems first: First, you check how damp the earth is. When your chili plant starts to wilt you must act fast to revive the suffering plant. Share it now: Avoid wetting the chillies with water before dark. If this is done carefully, the root ball will not dry out. First aid for sick Chili Plants. Lack of nutrients can lead to many other problems. I followed your steps and within an hour all the leaves have perked back up and the plant seems absolutely fine. I think my problem was that my potting soil got too dry and was not absorbing water fast enough so most of the water I added simply ran down around the edges of the pot and spilled out the bottom. This could take as little as a few hours, or several days. I did this as I had a bad greenfly problem. Copyright © 2020 Growing Chillies – Powered by Customify. You can also train your plants to deal with a lack of water. The water must cover the whole plant even over the pots rim.