20 Unexpected Baby Boy Names That Are Super Cute Parents searching for a name that’s unique and special without being completely wacky or weird have plenty of adorable options to choose from. We found in our database 19 names have the similar meanings. Fortunately, this list Anschel Anschel is a Hebrew name, meaning By Jessica Larsen Jul 17, 2017 Baby names that mean happiness. I want a girls name but if you only know a boy's name, that's also good. Check out our list of baby names that mean healer. If you want to hold this word 'Full of joy' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the Annabella’s American meaning is ‘joy’. With the popularity of -ella and -belle names, we predict even Annabelle will rise up the list. I need the name for a story. Baby Boy Names Meaning Happy Or Joy: 11. A lot of them exist, ranging from the obvious (names like Joy) to the totally unexpected (names like Winston), but figuring out what those names are can be a struggle. Jun 12, 2017 - If you want your baby to have the quality of healing, you might want to give him a healer name. A collection of baby names with meaning of full of joy. Find the baby names which means joy Name Origin Meaning Gender Aashi Indian smile, joy, or laughter U Abaigael Hebrew Gives joy F Abaigeal Hebrew Gives joy F Abbie Hebrew Gives joy; My father rejoices. Hope you help me :D Halla- unexpected gift Halle- unexpected gift Hallie- unexpected gift Ana- wanted, playful I think Select from this list of names with beautiful meanings for all those baby boys and never give a chance for the mother to hate her decision of making you the Godmother! Aaban – A name of Arabic origin, Aaban means Angel of Iron.